RIP Dennis Hopper

On May 29th, Dennis Hopper lost his battle against prostate cancer. He was 74 years old. Actors come and go but Hopper was, without a doubt, one of the greatest of my lifetime. He was known for his bad boy lifestyle and lived his life recklessly and carefree, and he brought that same passion (or insanity) to some of the greatest roles of his career. Of all of his films (and he had over 203 appearances in film and television roles according to IMDB), there are at least 12 that I consider to be classics. Of course, when you take roles in that many films, there are bound to be embarrassing moments (Mario Brothers? Space Truckers?). But Hopper considered acting to be a job, and as with most jobs, you take a paycheck when you can and do the best at what you do. And he did that in almost everything that I have ever seen him in. When you have a resume that includes “Rebel Without A Cause”, “Apocalypse Now,” “Easy Rider,” River’s Edge,” “Blue Velvet,” “True Romance,” and the all-time greatest basketball movie ever, “Hoosiers,” you are in rare company. And Hopper was definitely one of the best character actors ever.

Rest In Peace Shooter. You will be missed…

And in your honor, I’m gonna go to the bar and have a Heinekan…


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