Shrek Forever After (In Glorious High-Definition 3D!!!)

I know, I know…I told myself I wouldn’t pay for anymore 3D movies but honestly? This one looked like a no-brainer. And at  first I wasn’t gonna take my daughter and 2 of her friends to see it in 3D. But after much discussion that went something like this…


I decided it might be the better option. So we went and maybe it’s just me, but I’m thinking the whole 3D experience is starting to get dull on the big screen. It’s a novelty that is now being shoved down our throats as being the hippest new viewing experience and I have to think that eventually it’s going to burn itself out. But with that being said, “Shrek Forever After” was not so bad for a fun, 3D ride. The colors pop and the action sequences jump out at you. But enough about 3D (which is WAY to expensive if EVERY movie coming out is gonna be treated as true 3D)…let’s talk about the movie.

And as a movie, this 4th installment hangs with the other 3 as being top notch entertainment! As a matter of fact, I’d say THIS particular Shrek will go down as one of my favorites simply due to the storyline, which borrows directly from “It’s A Wonderful Life”, one of the greatest movies ever made. Shrek is in the midst of a mid-life crisis. He ain’t the ogre he used to be and now he’s wondering where his life has gone. In comes Rumplestiltskin, the newest “Shrek” villain (and he looks remarkably like “Syndrome”, the villain from “The Incredibles), who suckers the jolly ogre into signing a contract that will allow him to go back in time and relive his life as if he had never been there before. Oh the joys of running through the village, scaring the locals and doing whatever he wants without responsibility! But there’s always a catch in these agreements, and Shrek soon finds out that he has only one day to break the spell of the contract or his life will end and no one will know he was ever there.

As in all the Shrek movies, the comedy is impeccably timed, there is laughter & tears and a lesson is always learned. And all in a short hour and a half. And that’s the catch with “Shrek”, it’s great because the producers know keeping it short and sweet will keep us wanting more. All of the main characters return and are funny and have their own niche. And as with the other “Shrek” films, I love how they incorporate fairy tale characters into the storyline, breaking the mold and revamping them for the audience. Witches play a bigger role in this one which works perfectly for the 3D effect and Rumplestiltskin is up-to-par as a fun, new “Shrek” bad guy.

Everything works in this final installment of “Shrek” and that is great for the movie industry. So far, this summer season has been surprisingly lackluster. But I imagine this film will be in the theaters for a while simply because it’s the best thing out there right now and a must-see for kids and adults alike!

Overall Rating: A-


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