Knight & Day

Tom Cruise’s career is washed up! He’s a has-been! His goose is cooked! He’s done! Lock him away and throw away the key!

Well….this is what some critics would have you think anyway. The truth of the matter is…Tom Cruise is and always will be Tom Cruise. Either you like him for who he is or you don’t. He’s an aging action hero with an acute sense of humor and a dramatic flair for flashing that “wink & a smile” acting technique and he knows where he sits in today’s world of superstars that have peaked in their careers but they can still pull an audience anyways. So why not make a film like “Knight & Day”? It’s an easy call really. Team up with another actress with a comedic flair and and amazing hair and watch the money roll in. Unfortunately…when you release a movie in the middle of summer sandwiched between 3D powerhouses, “Toy Story 3” and “The Last Airbender”, you KNOW going into it you’re not gonna make gazillions of dollars. But if you make millions, that makes it ok…right? So why release it at that time? Because it’s an average movie and the studio knows it and so…make what you can and then release it quickly on DVD. And that is what “Knight & Day” is…a pretty good family night rental.

Roy Miller (Cruise) is a rogue CIA agent who is running from his former company. Along the way, at the airport, he bumps into June (Cameron Diaz), a woman with a thing for cars and a VERY bright smile (which the camera lingers on a little too long most of the time). At that point, the two are linked together for whatever reasons, and the chase is on! And that’s it. There’s a battery that everyone wants and some bad guys and some good guys and a lot of action scenes and a gazillion beautiful locations and not a lot of reason to any of it. And it’s kind of boring. But you DO get a lot of Tom flashing that crooked smile of his and you get some witty back-&-forth between the two megastars and for a summer action flick that’s NOT a eart-moving event (like “2012” was last summer), ya get what you pay for…2 stars having a decent time making things blow up.

One major hang up of mine that is a staple for action movies like this…the disregard of time. You can’t just magically transport from Algeria to Wichita and not leave the audience reeling. It annoys me when a movie does that and this film does it ad nauseum. So…it loses points for that.

It ain’t a stellar review but you get what you pay for.

Overall Rating: C-


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