Despicable Me

What do you make of a cartoon with a villain so vile, so bitter, so…Uncle Fester-ish…and is made for kids? Well, honestly, I wasn’t sure WHAT to make of it. It’s a testament to today’s computer programmers that they can continue to pump out new & interesting characters like Gru because visually, these types of movies are a lot of fun to watch. Lots of color and amazing action. But the final big question with all films such as this one is this…does it have any heart? And I’m happy to report that “Despicable Me” does have one…even if it is eight sizes too small.

Gru is the world’s best villain. He has stolen many world-renowned artifacts and prides himself that he is the one to beat when it comes to pilfering and villainy. But then someone new comes along and steals his thunder and he is forced into action. For his greatest moment…he will steal the moon! And how do you steal the moon? Well…how about by adopting 3 little girls in order to steal the shrink ray that will help you shrink the moon to pocket size? Sounds like a plan. And that’s how this one goes.

It’s not the most ingenious plan (or script) and it’s certainly not the best animated film to come along this summer (Toy Story 3 & Shrek were both better), but for a hot afternoon with the kids, this one’s not bad. Steve Carrell mumbles his way through as the voice of Gru, Jason Segal is the voice of Vector, the hot, new villain in the world and Russell Brand, Julie Andrews & Kristen Wiig make vocal appearances as well and do a fine job. But the real stars of this film are the 3 little girls that Gru adopts to aide him in his nefarious ways. With their introduction into the movie, they are the heartbeat that it needs and when they are a part of the action (like in a scene where Gru takes them to an amusement park) this movie sparkles. Don’t be fooled by the ads that try to make the bumbling yellow Minions the best part of the show. They are cute and an ad saleman’s dream but they aren’t the best part of this movie. It’s the 3 sisters (Margo, Edith & Agnes) that make this film special and they steal the show!

Overall Rating: B


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