Date Night

What do you do when your marriage gets “typical”? When the romance is gone? When the day in & day out routine starts to grind your relationship down to petty arguments and simple disagreements? Well…you go on a date night and recharge those romantic batteries, right? Or in the case of Steve Carrell & Tina Fey, you go out and get involved in a blackmail scheme and this turns into one CRAZY night out!

Gotta hand it to director Shawn Levy, Carrell & Fey…they take this idea and run with it. And with a  couple of brilliant casting decisions, this film is one that should be seen by all couples on THEIR date night on a Friday night.

Phil & Claire Foster have marriage malaise. They are over-run by kids, their jobs and by those pesky little “behavior” things that couples do that get on one anothers nerves. Time for an evening out! And when they sneak into a posh NY hotspot and steal the reservation for a no-show couple, they get mistaken for that couple and end up being hunted by the mob. It’s a one joke premise for sure, but in the hands of Levy, the pace is quick and the laughs are plenty with two of the hottest comedians in the business right now. With Carrell’s droll delivery and Fey’s underhanded one-liners, this film bustles with an energy that is anything but “tired”. Both comedians are up to the task of making this a situational comedy with several moments of hilarity. I found myself laughing out loud at several points and there is one scene that I won’t mention that had me in tears!

Needless to say, there are some cameos that really make this a top notch film. Mark Wahlberg makes up for his disappointing performance in “The Lovely Bones” with a low-key role that almost steals the film and there are a few other notable surprises…but I won’t give them away.

Needless to say, “Date Night” IS truly a great date night flick. Since it’s out on DVD, you don’t even have to pay a sitter to come and watch the kids! Check it out immediately and watch with the one you love. You’ll be glad you did!

Overall Rating: B+


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