I’m tellin’ ya…don’t piss him off!

As thought provoking and fascinating as “Inception” is, “Machete” is the exact opposite. With a plot full of holes and some of the most ridiculous dialogue ever written, this homage to the B-movies of the 70’s is a slick action flick all wrapped up in violence and silliness and…actually…it’s very entertaining! Here’s the top 10 things I learned while watching the latest flick by Robert Rodriguez…

1. Danny Trejo should have been an action hero in the 70’s.

2. Michelle Rodriguez is SMOKIN’ hot & excellent in her role in this film.

3. Robert DeNiro needs to make money before his retirement.

4. Steven Seagal needs to lose a few pounds.

5. Jessica Alba is equally as hot as Rodriguez but terribly miscast.

6. Don Johnson is actually a pretty damn good actor.

7. Lindsay Lohan has nice boobs and IS willing to poke fun at herself.

You don’t even wanna know…

8. Cheech Marin is underrated as an actor.

9. Even a monkey could have written the dialogue for this film.

10. On a summer day when I just wanted to escape, this was a perfect getaway from reality.
Lots of action, plenty of blood and guts and some of the situations and writing was so tongue-in-cheek that it made me laugh out loud at times.

If ANY of the above is something you are interested in…then “Machete” is definitely for you. If you’re looking for anything deeper and more meaningful, go somewhere else because “Machete” is 100%, no bones about it, pure silly fun. There’s not a redeeming quality to it and that, in itself, makes this a good time at the movies!

Overall Rating: B


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