Resident Evil: Afterlife In 3D

If you have seen any of the previous 3 Resident Evil films, you have some idea what you’re getting yourself into with “Resident Evil: Afterlife.” It’s a lot of action and a lot of nonsense. If you haven’t been keeping up with the series…here’s a brief synopsis…

Resident Evil (2002)

A deadly virus is let loose in the underground fortress known as “The Hive”. A supercomputer locks down the facility as the virus kills all inside and the Umbrella Corporation sends in a task force to reboot the master computer and get things running again. Unfortunately, the virus strain known as the T-Virus doesn’t kill, it mutates and before long, the task force, led by Milla Jovovich, is besieged by zombies, deformed animals and something monstrous. It’s all done very well and there’s plenty of scares along the way. Marilyn Manson’s electronic soundtrack only adds to the impending doom and Michelle Rodriguez is excellent

Overall Rating: A-

Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)

So…Alice (Milla Jovovich) awakens to find that the virus has been let loose in Raccoon City and everything has gone to hell in a handbasket. Zombies have taken over and the military is trying to keep them at bay. Alice and a band of elite team members must find the daughter of a scientist who may have the cure for the virus but they must face off against Nemesis, a superpowered mutant who the Umbrella Corp has genetically designed to be a super-soldier. Nowhere near as entertaining as the first one, but still manages a few scary moments. The CGI goes a little far though and the plot meanders in the middle.

Overall Rating: C

Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)

I gotta be honest…I have no idea what this movie was about. It’s set in the desert and there’s some killer crows and Alice and her friends continue to fight their way to Las Vegas for something or other. I might have fallen asleep halfway through it because I honestly don’t remember much of any of this film. Obviously the worst of the series…

Overall Rating: D

And that leads us to Resident Evil: Afterlife In 3D (2010)

So the series kinda gets back on track in this drawn out sequel. It’s not as good as the first one but it IS the 2nd best of the series. With the 3D effect weighing in a little too much and some Matrix-like effects to take your mind off how stupid the whole plot is, the pacing of the movie keeps the action coming and the brain cells in check. There’s not a lot to it…Alice goes looking for the last place on earth that is a safe haven for the last of the living and ends up facing off against an old nemesis. Meanwhile she joins up with a group of people who have hidden in a Los Angeles prison and together they try to escape from their own personal house of horrors.

And that’s pretty much it.

Jovovich is her standard self. Ali Larter returns from the 3rd installment and a group of unknowns make up the rest of the cast, leaving them for the inevitable quickee demise at any possible moment. Like I said, if you like this kind of movie (sci-fi mixed with video game violence and very little plotline), you will enjoy “Afterlife.” And seeing it on an Imax screen in 3D is quite the experience with bullets flying by constantly and virtually every scene has something popping out at you. The soundtrack is once again at the forefront of the movie with it’s driving score and eerie tone. Add to that creatures with tentacles for faces and some kind of monster with a giant hammer that somehow manages to eat up some screen time and you have all the makings of a really good alternative rock band music video!

Overall Rating: B-


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