Due Date

So the pre-Thanksgiving movie of choice this year was the Robert Downey Jr/Zach Galifininikissis buddy comedy, “Due Date.” This was not what I would have chosen for our yearly holiday movie excursion, but considering the choices (Faster? Love & Other Drugs? Tangled?), there was very little for 2 brothers to choose from. So in we went and we got pretty much what we expected…a decidely average movie with some funny moments but pretty bland as a whole.

The setup…Downey & Galifinikissisis get placed on the “No Fly” list while attempting to travel from Atlanta to Los Angeles and so, much like Steve Martin & John Candy in “Planes, Trains & Automobiles,” they travel cross country together to try to get Downey to his wife’s c-section of their first child. Of course these 2 characters have nothing in common. Downey is an architect with anger management issues and Galifiniskiss is a man/boy who has absolutely no sense of responsibility and is on his way to Hollywood to become an actor. Between the 2 of them, they share a few moments of complete silliness (a masterbating dog scene is hysterical and Galifiniskiss’s character has a habit of injuring Downey) but the movie never lifts off as time and time again their mishaps never quite reach the hilarity that it strives for.

I am a sucker for movies like this and even I wasn’t smitten by Downey’s excellent acting skills or Galifiniaskisis’s subtle goofiness. It just never got there for me and most of the film’s funniest scenes were given away in the early trailers. So if you’re looking to kill 2 hours, there are worst things to watch. However if I could, I would recommend “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” as a funnier option or even “The Hangover” as an example of a film that utilizes Galfinissis’s comedic abilities better.

Overall Rating: C-

(And on a totally unrelated note…Frank bought me a popcorn and a soda, owning up to our bet and he even chipped in and got my wife a water. The guy is a class act, I tell ya! LOL)


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