Easy A

Remember high school where everyone wanted to be popular, everyone liked to gossip and the first girl to lose her virginity was the most popular girl in school? Well…I do. And apparently so does director Will Gluck. Set in modern times but with a serious dose of  1980’s John Hughes mentality, this little comedy is as close as you’ll get to “Ferris Bueller” in these modern times. And that’s a good thing.

Olive is a high school nerd. No one pays her any attention until one day when she spills that a weekend blind date turned into a sex fling and then it starts to getting around and WHAMMO! Olive is suddenly the most popular and reviled girl in school! So what to do with this new popularity? Why not do some good with it? So Oliev becomes the school hoe…but not really. Instead of REALLY sleeping around, she starts TELLING everyone who she is sleeping with so that they can benefit from being with her. And then things start to get a little crazy!

Lots of great reasons to like this movie! It’s got a great cast. Emma Stone is Olive and is perfect for the role. She really IS the female version of Ferris Bueller here and her confidence never seems to get shaken by what is happening to her, even when it gets out of control. Her parents are played by Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci and they are AWESOME in their respective roles. I LOVED their characters and the dialogue with them is some of the best of this year in ANY movie. Thomas Haden Church and Lisa Kudrow play a married couple who are teachers in the same school and get mixed up in this scheme unknowingly and Olive’s schoolmates, played by Dan Byrd (Cougar Town), Amanda Bynes and Alyson Michalka, are excellent as well!

The music in this film is also top-notch which would be expected in a film like this and some of the tongue-in-cheek references to 80’s pop culture is a nice touch considering the topic and the way that it is handled.

Overall I really enjoyed this movie. I thought there could have been maybe a little darker reprocussion to Olive’s ideas of indescretion, however it is all handled with a touch of class and without it ever getting TOO dirty and to watch the scenes with Clarkson and Tucci makes this that much more fun. I’d highly recommend it as a weekend rental and watch it twice. It’s worth the time!

Overall Rating: B+


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