Hot New Movies For 2011

Are you kidding me? There are TOO many to even count! But here are a few that I know I can’t wait to see!!!!

Battle: Los Angeles
Cloverfield on overdrive mixed with some District 9 and you get the jest of this film…and it’s #1 on my MUST SEE list!

Sucker Punch
I have know idea what this movie is about but it looks FREAKIN’ AWESOME! It looks like a mixture of 300 (minus the naked dudes and with naked chicks) with lots of green-screen action and some pretty heavy violence. Could be interesting or it could totally suck. Eh…who cares? I’m still gonna check it out!

Green Lantern
A lot of talk about the upcoming “Thor” flick but for my money…I wanna see Ryan Reynolds taklk smack and fly around in the green costume. Seriously…if anyone can play Hal Jordan, it’s this guy and I’ll take a cool ring and a guy who flies over a guy with long hair and a mallet any day.

Cowboys & Aliens
Pretty much the title IS the movie but with Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig in the starring roles, this should be something more than a typical B-flick!

Super 8
Who knows what this movie is about but with JJ Abrams at the helm and Steven Spieberg backing it, it’s gonna be a lot of fun!



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