The Top 10 Best Movies Of 2010

Well I dunno…what is YOUR favorite movie of 2010…?

Oh how I hate to see 2010 go. It’s just such a nice round number and it will be remembered for a variety of reasons, several of which I will be naming right here. My Top 10 favorite films of 2010 are an eclectic bunch. Maybe not as strong as some years, but still every bit as entertaining as the last 4 or 5! Here are MY personal favorite movies of this past year. Let me know how YOU feel and what are your favorites!

10. The Kids Are All Right
Not every family unit is dysfunctional but this little gem does a pretty good job of tearing up a family and then piecing it back together. Annette Bening is her usual fantastic self and Mark Ruffalo is top notch as a sperm donor father with the urge to have a family.

9. Toy Story 3
Oh come on…who DOESN’T love these toys. If you don’t at least sniffle at the end, you don’t have a heart.

8. Unstoppable
My heart was pounding through most of this film as Tony Scott keeps the pacing fast and the editing frantic as Denzel Washington chews up screen time and the train steamrolls along.

7. Iron Man 2
The role Robert Downey, Jr was BORN to play, it’s as slick and centered as the first one but with more action and less talk. Can’t wait to see The Avengers!

6. Kick Ass
Based on the comic book, this…kick ass flick is a perfect blend of fanboy fun and ultra-violence. And look for the star-turn of Chloe Moretz in her role as Hit Girl! I predict some Oscar love…

5. Hereafter
Clint Eastwood directs this look at prospect of life after death and what happens to people who cheat it. Gracefully done and the actors are all top notch.

4. Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Another comic book turned major motion picture, but in this case, it feels more like a video game than it does a comic. With some awesome art direction and great music, THIS is the most fun I’ve had at the movies this year that didn’t require me to think.

3. The Social Network
How did The Facebook come to be? Well…some truths are in here, some are not. Either way it’s still pretty damn interesting to watch as a drama brought to you by Aaron Sorkin.

2. Inception
Cool concept makes its way as a cool film and having DiCaprio as the lead always makes for some interesting dialogue! I love the way this movie spins from drama to action and then gets psychological without a pause.

1. Monsters
What could have been a typical alien action film turns out to be a character study of a budding relationship between a 2 people who are a little lost in their lives. Quality entertainment that should have gotten more notice and I love the idea that the monsters aren’t the highlight of the film.

Movies I Have NOT Seen Yet That MIGHT Be On This List Later…

“Let Me In” – I’ve seen the original foreign film and it is awesome! Many say this version is even better. I plan on seeing it as soon as it’s released on video.

“Black Swan” – It’s been getting RAVE reviews and I have to believe that if anyone can put together a disturbing film about a ballerina it’s Darren Aronofsky.


Biggest Disappointment Of 2010…”Tron: Legacy.” Maybe my hopes were just too high for this one but overall? Not anywhere as good as I had hoped it would be.

Not Surprising That It Was So Bad…”Salt.” It was just terrible and Angelina Jolie was obviously cashing a paycheck.

Biggest Surprise That Wasn’t “Monsters”…”Easy A.” I thoroughly enjoyed this little comedy, mostly for it’s 80’s movie references and the sly lead played by Emma Stone. But it’s her onscreen parents that steal the show…

Funniest Moment In A Film That Really Wasn’t All That Funny…”The Other Guys.” When Mark Wahlberg is first introduced to Will Ferrell’s wife (played by Eva Mendez), he doesn’t believe they are actually married. This 5 minute scene is almost worth the price of admission. Almost.

Movie Most Likely To Win An Oscar…”Inception.” It’s slick and the storyline is pretty convoluted but I gotta believe that it’s the most interesting & unique film of 2010.

And The Oscar Goes To __________ For Best Actor/Actress…
The Best Actress nominees will be stronger than the men this year. I have to imagine with both Bening & Julianne Moore in “The Kids Are All Right,” Nicole Kidman’s turn in “Rabbit Hole” (which I hear is excellent) and Natalie Portman in “Black Swan,” the Academy is gonna have it’s hands full on THAT debate. As for the dudes? I’m gonna go with the only person I’ve seen this year…Leonardo DiCaprio in “Inception,” but admittedly I have not seen a lot of films that are highly regarded as Oscar material this past year.


One thought on “The Top 10 Best Movies Of 2010

  1. I so want to see Kick Ass! Our good friends Nick and Nicole just talked about it tonight and said it was a must see. Well, we have yet another “Killer” movie… TRON : Legacy was my favorite of 2010. Guess we’ll be on the old “agree to disagree” part of the play ground for a bit 🙂

    Number 2 : The Social Network

    Number 3 : Inception

    Nujber 4 : Iron Man 2 was a solid sequel, for a BIG mainstream movie. Milckey Rorkue is a kick ass super hero/villain. He will always be Harley, from Harley Davidson and the Marlborough Man for me. His best role ever! Dammit Harley!

    Number 5 : Toy Story 3. I did not cry. Nope, not once. Now quit asking me about it. Great trilogy and if you didn’t have an emotional reaction, you are a robot!

    … and I still have to see Monsters, since you rated it so high. Good list, thanks Alan!

    I didn’t hate Tron: Legacy, I was just disappointed that it wasn’t a little more exciting. It was almost too “Matrix-like” in its self-importance. That being said…I’ve seen worse films this year. And you definitely need to see “Monsters.” It IS awesome!

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