The King’s Speech

With multiple nominations in several different categories (12 to be exact), this seems to be the movie to beat this year at the Oscars. It’s got major buzz and for good reason. This excellent drama has everything you look for in a good film. It’s got solid writing, great actors and amazing set pieces. Everything about this movie sets it up for a big win on Oscar night and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it swept up!

After the passing of his father (King George V) and the abdication of his older brother from the throne of England, Bertie (who would later become King George VI) is thrust into leading his country. The only problem is that he stutters and is overwhelmed with insecurity. This leads him to see speech therapist Lionel Logue. Of course Lionel helps the King deal with his stuttering problem by using unique speech therapy techniques and the 2 become friends. It’s funny to me that by all accounts, this movie is a buddy movie disguised as a period piece. Colin Firth is fantastic as the King, never overdoing his impediment and actually using it as a tool to allow you to get to know the true character of Bertie. Geoffrey Rush is excellent as Lionel and this role might go down as being one of his best. I consider Rush to be one of the great actors of this generation and it’s quite possible that he might snag an Oscar here (I consider Firth a lock for Best Male Lead).

Not enough can be said of the supporting cast here either. Helena Bonham Carter is excellent as Queen Elizabeth and Michael Gambon (King George V) & Timothy Spall (Winston Churchill) are both great in their respective roles. I would also consider the locations as playing a role in this film. The beauty of the country, the architecture and the interiors of the most famous places in London is all done with precision.

I would have to rank this film as one of the best period pieces I have ever seen. It’s not my favorite genre, but “The King’s Speech” is up there with “Quiz Show” and “Saving Private Ryan” as far as the way it’s subject matter is handled. This IS one of the best films of 2010…and I highly recommend it!

Overall Rating: A+


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