Don’t mess with this group or you’ll get the power tools!

An interesting premise to a movie…what happens to retired assassins? And better yet…what happens when the assassins are filed for extinction because they know too much? That is the idea behind “Red” and with a stellar cast and a decent director, this film is about as entertaining as you can ask for. With Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren playing the soon to be “retired” hired guns, they must find out why they are being targeted and figure out a way to stay alive. With hundreds of CIA operatives in pursuit, the gang fights back and end up in many dangerous situations. However for them, it’s like a newfound lease on life, even if it does kill them, what do they have to lose?

What makes this entire premise work so well is obviously the cast. With Willis leading the charge, this group is not one to messed with. They are the best in their field and have not lost their edge as they find themselves all over the place, trying to figure out why they are being hunted. Along the way, Willis unwittingly ends up getting Mary Louise-Parker involved, which only adds to the storyline as she finds herself becoming more & more a apart of the action. This adds to the story simply because now we see what’s happening through her eyes. And what an adventure it is!

I really enjoyed this film. Not that it would have taken much because I seem to love the idea of assassins on the run (Grosse Pointe Blank, Mr & Mrs Smith), but this cast is one of a kind. I really enjoyed the Malcovich character. His character, Marvin Boggs, is overly paranoid but even when he seems like he’s on the verge of cracking, you come to find out he might be the most sane of the bunch! It’s a fun role for him and he plays it to the hilt. Everyone else is excellent as well. Freeman & Mirren are their usual selves, playing aged veterans who still have the skills to get the job done and Parker was perfectly cast as the lone normal citizen who finds all of this action and intrigue to be to her liking, especially since her life is so mundane before she got involved with this motley crew!

Everything else rolls along smoothly. Robert Schwentke does a great job directing, the writing is good and the action keeps the pace vigorous. All in all, this is a great “stay at home and nuke up some popcorn” flick that is worthy of a couple of hours of your time!

Overall Rating: B+

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