I Am Number Four

They’ll make beautiful alien babies some day…

Not gonna lie here…I knew nothing about this movie going into it besides this…it’s about a teenage alien. Other than that, I had done no research. I hadn’t seen a trailer. And I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to see it however there really wasn’t much to choose from the day my friends and I went to the theater and my friends wanted to see it so…there we go. Now…here’s the thing about this film…I’m glad I didn’t know anything about it because I went in with no opinion or expectations at all. And on THAT level…I was entertained! But as far as possible Oscar potential? Well….this one will not get the call. But here’s the basis of the story and then YOU can decide…

John Smith (Alex Pettyfer. Uh…who?) is a weird kid. He’s not really human and for his entire life he has been running and trying to hide from this other alien race that has wiped out his people on the home planet of…well…I don’t remember and it doesn’t matter. He’s an alien being hunted and he’s one of nine. Well…actually he’s number four of nine and the first three are now all dead. So he’s next in line and his guardian (Timothy Olyphant looking extra haggardly) is doing his damndest to make sure he isn’t found easily. As they move from place to place, they find themselves in Paradise. Paradise, OH that is. And the alien kid takes a liking to a cute blonde wannabe photographer of the school. Unfortunately she is the former girlfriend of the high school quarterback and yada yada yada…cue the nasty aliens to hunt him down and the love story involving the hot blonde from “Glee” (Dianna Agron) and another alien hottie (Teresa Palmer) who shows up with some really cool powers and some weird bat creatures and a friend whose dad went missing while hunting for aliens and…well…you get the drift.

I’m gonna go on record as saying I actually enjoyed this film. Directed by DJ Caruso, who also did “Eagle Eye” & “Disturbia,” this movie knows exactly who it is catering too and does a good job of throwing in a much needed awesome action scene towards the end that had me walking out feeling as though I had been entertained for its entire 109 minutes! However, the truth is there are some parts that lagged quite a bit, the dialogue was cheesy and the music montage sequences (of which there had to be at least 6, all accompanied by popular tunes by Kings Of Leon and Jimmy Eat World) were overbearing. But ya know what…it’s what teeangers enjoy these days and for that, I give it credit. “I Am Number Four” is very much a teen movie. In the same vein as “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” or “Sky High,” this film is for a younger group than the 3 old dudes who went to see it on this cold, winter night. But still…I happened to like both of those other films and I liked this one also. It was a good popcorn movie and I can say I saw it. But I doubt I need to see it again.

Overall Rating: B-


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