Never Say Never or…That Justin Bieber Movie

Holy crap! Maybe he IS the 5th Beatle?!?!

First off, let me start by saying I am a music fan as well as a movie fan so…when my daughter asked me to take her to see this film, I wasn’t totally against it. I’m not a fan of Bieber, but I understand his appeal and there are a few of his songs that are catchy and well…I happen to like documentaries on music so…

Sure…why the hell not?

So much to my son’s chagrin, we went. And, much like the Michael Jackson film released a couple of years ago, this was easy to watch and very much an obvious attempt to cash in on a celebrity at the height of his career. The Bieber is smoking hot with the tweenage girls right now and this movie makes sure we know it. You would think the kid was the next best thing since the Beatles! But he’s not. But his story IS very interesting and despite what some people might think about him, he does have talent.

This is the story of a young Canadian boy born to 2 kids who never married. Early on in his life, he was pounding on chairs and furniture, keeping the beat perfectly. So his mom’s friends got him playing the drums. After teaching himself how to play the drums, he moved on and learned the guitar…and the piano…and who knows what else he can play?!? Oh…and he had a sweet voice that the entire town would stop and open their windows for whenever he sang on the town square. This same young boy would become a YouTube sensation and eventually end up under the tutelage of Usher, a well-known R&B artist. Needless to say the rest is history and what you have here is this story leading up to Bieber’s performance at the mecca of concert halls…Madison Square Garden.

Is there drama? Sure. Bieber gets laryngitis days before the event! Is there a love story? Of course! The girls LOVE his hair! And is there intrigue? Um….no. Not really. But there IS a lot of really good editing, an interesting family backstory and a lot of smiling faces and screaming teen girls. Is it for everyone? Well…my daughter was disappointed that it wasn’t a REAL “movie.” Apparently she was expecting “From Justin To Kelly” or something. So maybe it’s not for everyone expecting a storyline that includes The Bieb singing love songs on the stairway as girls swoon all over him (cue Jim Belushi smashing the guitar). But as far as concert documentaries go…it’s not half bad! The concert portion looks fantastic and when the fireworks and confetti fly, it LOOKS like it was a pretty fun show to see!

Although this film was shot in 3D, we passed on the extra $4 cover price. However there seem to be some scenes that probably DO look pretty cool in 3D if you choose to see it in all of it’s glory. But a 3D Bieber might have been a little much for a guy like myself. And I really have no need to see the dandruff fly when he does his signature hair flip…

Overall Rating if you’re a 12-year old girl: A+

Overall Rating if you’re a 42-year old Dad with a 6-year old daughter: C+


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