And The Winner Is…

Ah…Oscar night! So much glamour and glitz and it all boils down to just good movies. That’s all we really want. And there were many to choose from this past year. 2010 wasn’t really a year to remember so much as it was a year to enjoy really good film-making. Will I remember any of these films in 20 years? Probably not. However I DID enjoy most of the films I saw and I was pretty confident going into our annual competition that I had made some good choices right up to the second the music started. So here’s how it broke down…

Right out of the gate, Art Direction won me a 1-0 lead with “Alice In Wonderland” bringing home the prize. I have to admit…I was surprised. But whatever gets me rolling! Frank tied it up immediately though with “Inception” winning Cinematography (which it should have won). Then the BIG win was for Melissa Leo as the mother in “The Fighter.” Not only did she win me a point, but she also managed to cuss really loudly in front of the stiff Oscar crowd. I’m sure THAT acceptance speech won’t be rerun every year in the “memories of Oscars past” video…

Neither of us got the Animated Short winner “The Lost Things.” We never win that one anyway…and then we BOTH picked “Toy Story 3” for Best Animated Feature! But THAT was a gimme. So I’m up 3-2 when we both picked the winning Adapted Screenplay with “The Social Network.” Luckily I managed to squeak out a point by picking Original Screenplay with “The King’s Speech.” Now I’m up 5-3!

“In A Better World” won best Foreign film. Not a surprise there because frankly…neither of us care. But then another biggie pick goes to me as Christian Bale steals away the Best Supporting Actor award from Geoffrey Rush. Sorry Frank…it WAS a better performance! My lead is up to 6-3.

Buuut then it was down as Frank got points as Trent Reznor trotted up to take the Golden Man for “The Social Network” and he also guessed correctly (no matter how much I agreed) for “Inception” in Sound Mixing. But then we both picked up a point for picking “Inception” for Sound Editing and then there was a commercial break so I could lick my wounds, even though I still had a scant 7-6 lead at the halfway point.

Ok…breathing easy now because now we head into achievement in Makeup. With only 3 possible winners, I HAD to take this one! Right? Of course! “The Wolfman” helps me regain my 2 point edge. Then Costume Design went to “Alice In Wonderland” and it didn’t matter because we both picked “The King’s Speech.” Aaaand that will be the last time I ever listen to my brother. “A period piece ALWAYS wins!” he says. Well…maybe not. I’m up 9-7 and hangin’ on by my fingernails (of which I have none because I’ve chewed them all off by this point…).

Returning from the commercial break, “Strangers No More” won Short Documentary,”God Of Love”  won “Short Film and “Inside Job” managed to keep our winless streak intact in this segment as it won Best Documentary. We BOTH left this segment licking our wounds with no points won and with me still up 9-7.

Oh look! Billy Crystal! NOW this thing is heating up! He is, as always, top notch in his delivery and very funny! Okay funnyman…get me some more points here! Well…Visual Effects is unfortunately NOT gonna get anyone points because we both chose “Inception,” which won easily over its competition. So how about Film Editing? Well…neither of us picked that one as “The Social Network” wins. *sigh*…I’m still up 10-8!

Best Original Song category up next and they all kind of suck but we both picked the only sure thing and it wins for category staple, Randy Newman, and the Toy Story song, “We Belong Together.” So I STILL have that narrow lead heading into the bend which is Best Actress & Director but I think the worst I can do now is a tie…

So now Best Director. This is an interesting category because all of these film-makers are deserving but Tom Hooper takes it for “The King’s Speech.” So Frank wins another one and my lead is whittled down to one again, 11-10. Damn. Getting a little too close for comfort. C’MON NICOLE KIDMAN!!!

So here we go…Best Actress. This is gonna decide whether it’s a tie or a win for me. So sad that it comes down to this because if given a 2nd chance, I would have probably picked Frank’s choice, Natalie Portman. Not that I thought her performance was all that great…but the buzz has just been so loud. But there hasn’t been any big surprises tonight so…maybe this is it? Envelope please?

And…it will go down as a tie this year. Natalie Portman wins! And with both Frank & I picking Colin Firth for Best Actor and “The King’s Speech” for Best Picture, I’m going to bed because, quite frankly…those 2 are a lock.

Goodnight all! And after 3 years, Frank has yet to beat me…just sayin’…


One thought on “And The Winner Is…

  1. And The Real Winner Is… me.

    With an astounding 14 points this year, I only have Trent Reznor and my astonishing ability to create the time to watch all these shows (and a few shows of Mike Holmes). Thank you to everybody who had faith in my ability… wait, nobody did. The only real thanks goes to my wife @monicaburkhart for watching these movies with me and putting up with my… everything. I love you beautiful, g’night 🙂

    Leading Actor: Colin Firth in The King’s Speech (+1)

    Supporting Actor: Geoffery Rush in The King’s Speech (-)

    Leading Actress: Natalie Portman in Black Swan (+1)

    Supporting Actress: Helena Bonham Carter in The King’s Speech (-)

    Animated Feature: Toy Story 3 (+1)

    Art Direction: Alice In Wonderland (+1)

    Cinematography: Inception (+1)

    Costume Design: Alice In Wonderland (+1)

    Directing: True Grit (-)

    Documentary Feature: Inside Job (+1)

    Documentary Short: Poster Girl (-)

    Film Editing: The Social Network (+1)

    Foreign Language Film: Dogtooth (-)

    Makeup: The Wolfman (+1)

    Original Score: The Social Network (+1) ❤ Trent

    Original Song: We Belong Together from Toy Story 3 (+1)

    Animated Short Film: Day & Night (-)

    Live Action Short Film: The Crush (-)

    Sound Editing: Tron: Legacy (-)

    Sound Mixing: Inception (+1)

    Visual Effects: Inception (+1)

    Adapted Screenplay: True Grit (-)

    Original Screenplay: Inception (-)

    Best Picture: The King's Speech (+1)

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