The Adjustment Bureau

When you see chemistry on the big screen, it’s magical. There are very few films that have the kind of  heat that literally shines in every scene. But in this love story posing as an action film, the chemistry between the 2 stars, Matt Damon & Emily Blunt, is unlike any movie since George Clooney & Jennifer Lopez in 1998’s “Out Of Sight.”

David Norris is a politician on the fast track to the top. Although when we first meet him, he is in the process of writing a concession speech as his bid to be the next Senator of New York is falling short. As he is organizing his thoughts in the men’s room, out from a stall comes Blunt’s Elise, who just happens to be crashing a wedding that is taking place in the same convention center. It’s in this scene that the entire film rests as the rapport between the two is undeniable and the attraction they have for each other is obvious. They share a quick but passionate kiss and they are, from that point on, obviously meant for each other. But there are other plans for Norris and it’s the responsibility of the Adjustment Bureau to keep his future on track. Only problem is…love won’t be denied…even if it is fighting against some kind of magical “men in black” type organization that has the ability to travel from place to place through doorway “portals.” It could have been a silly concept but oddly enough…mostly due to my complete adoration of the 2 main characters…it works if only because this isn’t a sci-fi  action film. This is a romance and the science fiction that is included in it only enhances the idea that there is only one person that we are meant for and there is nothing that can keep us apart. So I found myself rooting for David & Elise, even when there are some plot holes that kept me from completely loving the film.

So far, this is my favorite romance of this young year. Although the trailer made it seem way more action-packed than it really is, it’s still not a bad way to spend an afternoon and the chemistry between the 2 main characters is completely undeniable. Damon was a perfect choice for Norris, flashing that boyish charm when needed yet still projecting the type of A-personality that is needed from a political candidate. Blunt is just as perfect as his soulmate, dancer Elise. Many times the camera simply lingers on her face and she just glows. She’s a perfect choice for this role and now I can’t wait to see her onscreen more! John Slattery & Anthony Mackie play the main Adjustment Bureau agents who are sent to adjust Norris’ career path and they are also very good in their roles.

I read a review of this film somewhere that actually compared it to “Inception.” That is complete bunk. This film never attempts to be that deep. It is, however, very entertaining and should be seen with a date. It’s an entertaining “love vs fate” type of film that never gets too deep on itself yet manages to ask a few questions that take it quite a few steps up from “Just Go With It” or any number of silly romance flicks out there right now.

Overall Rating: B+


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