“Annie is in a rough stage of her life right now and when her best friend decides to get married, it only makes matters worse. Hilarity ensues.”

I imagine when Kristen Wiig pitched this movie, this was the sell. But what it doesn’t say is the KIND of hilarious situations Annie would find herself in and even though there aren’t as many funny moments in this movie as I would have liked, the ones that ARE funny are very, VERY funny. Kristen Wiig & Maya Rudolph, 2 Saturday Night Live alums, team up for this buddy movie for chicks and they are obviously used to working with one another. Wiig as the down-on-her-luck Annie, and Rudolph as Lillian, her best friend who is heading down the aisle. Together they make a great team even though this particular movie gives most of the funny moments to Wiig and her bridesmaids crew and Rudolph really plays the straight (wo)man for most of the movie. But together they are a likable couple and you can tell offscreen they are probably best of friends as well. Their chemistry comes easily and for most of the movie you can see that they could very much be like their characters except for the fact that Wiig is hot right now (much like another SNL alum, Tina Fey) and not so downtrodden as Annie. Either way, this is a movie in the same vein as “The Hangover” or “Hall Pass” and it has much of the same elements as those great flicks…funny characters, ridiculous situations and at least one moment where the characters express their love for one another.

If there is one thing wrong with this movie (which is very much catered towards a female crowd and I don’t care WHAT anyone says…this IS a chick flick) it’s that it doesn’t have enough of Melissa McCarthy. She alone is the best reason to see this movie and just like Zach Galifianakis in “The Hangover,” she pretty much steals every scene she is in. She plays the sister of the future groom and her character, Megan, is obnoxiously over-the-top and carefree. She is worth every bit of the cost of admission and then some. I wish she was in more of the movie because, quite frankly, with about 40 minutes left it turns into your typical “friends have to make it right” sort of film when I would have rather it continued down the distructive path it was heading. It would have been funnier to some degree. But even that doesn’t ruin the films best moments, it just slows it down a lot. But once again…this IS a chick flick and so there has to be the “happy ending” that we’ve all come to expect in these movies whether they are warranted or not.

Will “Bridesmaids” be considered one of the best comedies in the last decade? Nah. It’s funny…but not THAT funny. But the funniest scenes do rank up among some of the raunchier and funnier things that I have seen in a long time and that alone makes this a better than average flick. However I would recommend it as a matinee or a possibly a future rental. It will be funnier if you’re not paying $9 for the ticket and that is why I let my brother pay for mine at a cost of $4.50. Gotta love half price Tuesdays in my hometown!

Overall Rating: B-

One thought on “Bridesmaids

  1. It’s uneven, unwieldy and overlong, however works when it comes to keeping you fully entertained. Guys, win-wins don’t get much better than this when it comes to date movies, but all that chick flick/guy movie noise aside, it’s just a damn funny movie. Nice Review! Check out mine when you can!

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