The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Obviously she has a few piercings also…

This is the story…of a lovely family…who was looking for a young girl of their own. They were Nazis and very angry…and they lived all alone…

So then one day, 40 years after this girls disappearance, one of the family members of the Vanger clan (a rich & powerful family in Stockholm, Sweden) decides to hire a journalist to find his niece. Unwittingly, a computer hacker also takes an interest in the case and unites with the journalist to find the lost girl. Was she killed? Kidnapped? What happened to her? That is the premise behind this foreign film based on the popular book series and it’s a damn good one! It’s taut full of tension, intrigue and violence and has enough suspense in its 2 hours that it makes most American films look weak by comparison.

Michael Nyqvist plays journalist Michael who is on trial for libel at the beginning of the movie. He is a great choice for this role because he just LOOKS the part…slightly dumpy and withered. He looks rough in a journalistic sort of way. The title character, Lisbeth, played by Noomi Rapace, is the hacker. It’s her role that steals the movie but doesn’t overwhelm it. She is silent and somewhat distant yet her character has this intriguing personality that draws you in somehow. Her life is a rough one though and it’s because of this that the film gets a little violent in spots. You won’t want children watching this one, that’s for sure.

Although I would love to get into the intricacies of this movie, I’m not going too because I don’t want to give away any spoilers but what I can tell you is this…

This is an excellent film and I wish I had seen it earlier. It’s now being remade in America and that was why I rented it but now I see that it stands on its own. I have no idea why they are remaking it honestly. Much like “Let The Right One In,” which was remade here and was okay but nowhere near as good as it’s foreign original, there is no need to redo it. Although subtitled, never once did I feel like I was “reading” the movie. It was easy enough to follow, even when the plot got thick, and I enjoyed every aspect of it. The actors are fantastic, the plot was fantastic and the locales were perfect. If you enjoy thrillers that take their time to build to a finale, you will love “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.” Rent it today and be glad you did.



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