It’s the future and vampires and humans have been at war. Priests have been trained to fight the vampires with the use of weapons sanctioned by the church. As the war raged on, the humans invaded and destroyed all the vampire hives, using tanks during daylight to destroy them. Humans thought they had won but still they built walls around their cities for safety and are ruled by the church now. The priests were then taken out of action and led regular lives, often shunned by the same people they had protected. The vampires, on the other hand, are making a comeback and have a secret weapon to lead them.

That’s the premise behind this graphic novel turned movie and it is one in a long line of films that are sci-fi/action/adventure movies. I’ve been disappointed with many of them, most notable have been “I Am Legend” and “Legion” with their CGI vampires and demons and very loose scripting. However this film is different somehow. Even though it is in the same mold (all the vampires are CGI and look similiar to the ones in “Legend”) and it even stars one of the same actors (Paul  Bettany is in both “Priest” and “Legion”), I found this film to be fun to watch and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

The action is consistent, the characters all have a reason for what they do, the dialogue doesn’t get too cheesy (although there are a few lines that made me roll my eyes) and the CGI is done a lot better than that of most films these days. It clocks in at just about 87 minutes so it doesn’t stretch itself too thin and it was overall a decent popcorn flick. I’m gonna say I’m glad I didn’t pay to see it in the theater but as a DVD rental…it’s not a bad choice!

Overall Rating: B-


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