Green Lantern

The critics raked it across the coals this past summer so without much fanfare, this DC Comics superhero came and went pretty quietly as far as I was concerned. Although I was a huge DC Comics fan when I was a kid and I like Ryan Reynolds as an actor (best part of “Wolverine” if you ask me), with so much bad press I decided to wait. So I rented it on Direct TV one day when my son was sick and home from school and I gotta tell you…other than the time it took to set up the storyline (which is expansive, I will admit)…I kind of liked this movie. It’s not a DEEP film by any means and it isn’t as good as the “Iron Man” films or “Captain America” but it definitely holds up against some action movies and the CGI is pretty darn good (in my opinion).

The story follows fighter pilot Hal Jordan as he is selected by a Green Lantern to take over his super powers (supplied by a glowing green ring) and to protect a section of the galaxy that includes earth. Meanwhile, there is a nasty villain that has been released from its slumber on a planet that is now swallowing planets in its path. It feeds on fear and the Lanterns must now fight their biggest threat ever. Can the newly appointed HUMAN Lantern help in conquering such a strong foe? Well…of course he can! And with some nifty effects (he turns a falling helicopter into a race car and rushes it over hundreds of spectators at one point) and the charisma of Reynolds, Green Lantern succeeds on many levels as quality entertainment as far as I’m concerned.

So in the case of critics for this summer blockbuster who panned it and seeing as how it DID make $206,142,554 at the box office even though it cost over $200 million to make, I wouldn’t call this movie a “failure” simply because it didn’t break $300 million and make a huge profit. The visuals are well done, the acting is pretty damn good considering (Peter Saarsgard and Mark Strong are excellent as scientist Hector Hammond and Sinestro) and I was entertained throughout. Maybe this would have fared better if there hadn’t been so many OTHER superhero films clogging the market this summer? I dunno. But rent it if you’re in the mood for an entertaining action flick. It’s worth the price of the rental!

Overall Rating:


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