Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Don’t try this at home kids!

Here’s the thing about the Mission: Impossible series…you have to suspend belief as the hero, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), gets thrown from cars, gets blown up and, in the case of this movie, finds himself hanging 100 stories up a Dubai skyscraper with only a rope and a sticky glove. If you can pretend that THAT is gonna happen and he’ll survive without a scratch (well…okay…a scratch or two), then THIS is a roller coaster ride that you are gonna love. However if realism is an important part of the movie for you? Then Mission: Impossible is not gonna be your cup of tea. Except maybe if you like political nuclear disaster storylines…because this one is a beauty…

Russian extremist Kurt Hendricks has detonated bombs in the Kremlin, setting up a possible nuclear situation between the United States and Russia. His plans include stealing Russian nuclear missile codes so that he can bomb the United States. Ethan Hunt and his IMF team have been framed for the bombing and the IMF has been discontinued by our government. So their “final” mission? Get those codes and stop a nuclear disaster.

And oh what fun it is as the team rushes all over the eastern hemisphere, from Moscow to Mumbai, trying to chase down Hendrick and stop a nuclear disaster. But try as they might, every plan they come up with is thwarted in some way. So will the IMF team finally catch a break and defeat the bad guys?  Well…I’m thinking we all know the answer to that. But that doesn’t stop director Brad Bird from having a good time as they head toward their obvious conclusion. Bird keeps the pacing fresh and the action non-stop. Hell…even the opening title sequence is exciting. Bird is a great addition to this series, especially since it could have very easily gotten a bit tedious seeing as how this IS #4 in the series. And shooting this film strictly for IMAX is a GREAT idea! Usually I’m not a fan of the “gimmick” movies (i.e. 3D and IMAX) however this movie is a MUST SEE on IMAX!

The fact that it’s not just a Tom Cruise movie also helps as Hunt’s team is an important part of why this flick is so much fun. The addition of Jeremy Renner is a huge boost for this franchise. He’s a great actor and with his appearance in the upcoming “The Avengers,” he is being primed as the next big action star. Simon Pegg is the comedy relief tech op and it’s his humor that gives the movie an added light-hearted touch. And newcomer Paula Patton is a kickass agent who is hellbent on avenging the death of a fellow agent.Throw in a couple more good performances by Michael Nyqvist (Hendricks), Vladimir Mashkov and what you have is a tightly wound thriller on the same level (if not better than) most James Bond films. If anything, this might very well be THE popcorn movie of the year! Too bad it wasn’t released in the summer, when films like this usually do great business in the theaters. As it stands, this is a MUST see on an IMAX screen! But you may wanna bring your earplugs. Not only is it bombastic visually…it might be the loudest film I’ve ever seen…and that is a compliment! 🙂

Overall Rating: A


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