Wrath Of The Titans


I haven’t written a bad review in a while so let me break that string for THIS cluster of a movie. I saw the first one and didn’t like it much but I figured with no prior film to have to copy (the first one had to live up to the original released in 1981), this one might stand alone as a decent addition to all the ancient god flicks saturating the market these days. Unfortunately, this one can’t even hold a candle to such films like “Immortals” and “300” and on some levels it’s not even as good as the first one!

In the sequel to the 2010 remake, Perseus (Sam Worthington) has been living his life as a mere mortal, fishing and raising his son. One day, his father Zeus (Liam Neeson) arrives to warn him that his brother, Hades (Ralph Fiennes), is in the process of releasing the father of ALL the gods, Kronos. Apparently the lack of faith by the humans in the world is weakening the gods and Zeus fears that they won’t be able to stop Hades’ evil plan. Of course the plan is set in motion when Hades is joined by Perseus’ half brother, Ares (the god of war), and they capture Zeus and allow Kronos to sap all of Zeus’ power. So Perseus teams up with Agenor, half son of Poseidon, and Andromeda to find his dad and rescue our planet.

Let’s start with the positive. The effects are pretty cool! Kronos is an extension of the mighty Kraken from the first movie, only made of lava and fire. There are a trio of cyclops that go on a rampage that is also kind of exciting. Oh…and then there’s these warriors from hell that have 2 heads and 4 arms and are wicked cool!

Aaaaand that’s pretty much it.

The dialogue is dumb, the action mostly feels forced and I I had to wonder how much of a beating could Persius take? Because he gets his ass kicked most of this movie but STILL gets back up to fight! And I always thought gods were invincible but when Hades says that his powers are “depleted”, I couldn’t help but imagine a magical gas tank that had suddenly been drained and now all the gods were at the end of their roads.

I have to wonder how actors such as Worthington, Fiennes and Neeson get involved in something like this? With all of them making good movies lately (although I have to admit, I TRIED to watch Neeson’s “Unknown” and fell asleep), I would have thought that they wouldn’t need a hackneyed franchise like this to make them some cash. But this is obviously what happened because there really wasn’t much glue holding this flick together. It’s not all that exciting, it has horrible writing and, for the most part, it can’t hold a light to the films I mentioned previously as far as sheer brutality and action. Overall, this was a very disappointing movie to watch and if there IS a Part III, you can bet I won’t be lining up to give them my money to watch Liam Neeson parade around in a really bad Gandalf beard. And yes…it was that bad.

Overall Rating: D


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