Snow White & The Huntsman

She’s magically delicious!

I’ve read a lot of reviews on this film and there has been a lot of criticism about Kristen Stewart’s portrayal of the lovely title character (no…she’s NOT the Huntsman). I have to be honest…I’ve seen the first Twilight but I fell asleep halfway through and I don’t remember any of her performance so for me to compare this role to that one won’t happen. So in that regard, I have to say this…I really enjoyed her performance in this movie. Where Charlize Theron gets the opportunity to be her usual awesome self, Stewart has to be the confused yet stoic princess who must carry the weight of so much of this movie and for the most part, I think she handles it pretty well!

I imagine you already know the plot line. Granted, there are a few added elements (NOW I bring up Chris Hemsworth’s “Huntsman”), but for the most part, the storyline is true to the fairy tale up until the ending. The ending has also been up for discussion as to whether or not a true princess would be leading an army into battle. A lot of people disagree with the way this was scripted however I would argue that it was a perfect way to end it and was in no way a complete break from the character that is Snow White in THIS particular version of it. I thought the fight scene with the evil queen was well done and exciting. Let’s face it, pitting Theron up against the demure Stewart has an element of curiosity and both shine in the final scene. If anything, I would say the FINAL final scene, where the princess gets her crown, is possibly the most uneven part of the movie but it is what it is and I didn’t think it added or took away from the ending at all.

There will always be those who are so endured to the Disney-fied version of this story that to go in a different direction will seem sacrilegious, but I really enjoyed this film. I liked ALL of the characters, especially the dwarves who, in this version, are more of a band of rowdy miners. There are scenes in the dark forest that I especially enjoyed (a couple reminded me of a Tom Cruise movie called “Legend” from many years ago) and there are elements of the fairy tale that are included that really add to the storyline quite a bit (animals love Ms White, the red apple, etc). Overall, I really think that director Rupert Sanders did a good job taking some very talented people and creating a great summer popcorn flick. There is lots of action, good drama, some excellent acting and, for the most part, I found it to be very entertaining!

Overall Rating: B+


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