Madagascar III: Europe’s Most Wanted

Although I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the first Madagascar, I honestly couldn’t tell you if I’ve seen the second one or not and so, going into this third installment with my daughter, I don’t recall the storyline behind this group of rowdy zoo animals. Luckily, that didn’t seem to matter much. What this film has going for it is the wacky adventures that await our heroes at every turn in a variety of locations around the globe as Alex the Lion and his friends try to get back to New York and their home, the Central Park Zoo.

Let’s see…where can I go from here…?

The group joins a circus as they run from a crazy, animal headhunter from France.

There’s a funny song called “Afro Circus.”

There are a few laughs and a couple scenes that invoke BIG ones.

A group of James Bond-ish type penguins and Chris Rock’s turn as Marty the Zebra are the highlights.

There ya go. If you have kids that are 10 & under…they’ll like this movie.

‘Nuff said.

Overall Rating: For Kids – B+   (For Adults – C-)


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