Oh Pixar…how I WANTED to love this little film. As the entire world knows now, this was Pixar’s first FEMALE hero in a long line of great movie heroes and this one had so much potential but there were a few issues that I had and I’m sure there will be naysayers but I stand by my criticism and the first being…the storyline kinda sucks.

Oh I know that the girl is a tough and vigilant female lead however when you get into the brass tacks of why this film IS or ISN’T a classic in the lines of a “Toy Story” or a “The Incredibles” or a “Finding Nemo,” it all comes down to the story and, quite frankly, it doesn’t fit the bill. Does the movie LOOK nice? Well of course. It’s a Pixar flick. However even I could argue that the movie looked TOO perfect, with skin so smooth that our heroine, Merida (voiced by Kelly McDonald) could have been a porcelain doll. And her hair? Most fair and a complete mess with tangles and curls all over the place. But her hair DID make her a bit more interesting…especially the way it waved when ever she was in motion.

And what about the supporting cast? Well…it was fine, I suppose. The mother was the stereotypical grumpy queen, her father was the loud & brash king and her 3 little brothers were a menace to society and yet ever so lovable. But that was it, really. Merida has a cool horse and there’s a goofy witch in the mix but for the most part, it was Merida’s family unit and that was it.

Music was fine, sound effects were fine. So let’s get to the storyline….shall we? At first I thought it had something going for it as Merida and her mother, the queen (Emma Thompson), go head-to-head in every possible manner. But then…a STORY had to happen and so we get some silly story about Merida having a witch cast a spell on her mother and then, as the fable goes, she decides she DIDN’T want the spell after all and so she must race against time to get her mother back before the second sunrise.

I may be a little critical here but it just didn’t click for me the way all the other Pixar films have in the past. It all seemed a little too familiar and the story kind of sat there with not a lot going for it. Even my soon to be 8-year old daughter told me after that it wasn’t what she thought it was gonna be and she didn’t like it as much as she thought she would. And from THAT perspective, “Brave” wasn’t up to snuff with the product that this company usually puts out.

Overall Rating: C


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