Every kid wishes that his or her favorite toy had a life of its own. So when a young John Bennett wishes that his Christmas teddy bear had a life of it’s own, he is surprised the next morning to find that lo & behold! His wish has come true! Cut to 25 years or so later. Both John and Ted have grown up. Ted has found that his 15 minutes of fame is up (he was a media sensation for a while) and his buddy is a worker bee at a local car rental place. To kill time, the two smoke weed, laugh at their personal inside jokes and talk like normal best buds do. The only problem is…John has a girlfriend who is wanting him to grow up. In order to do that, she demands that Ted move out of their apartment and that they begin their life without Ted.

A lot of the advertising for this movie focuses on the crude behavior and language of Ted. He’s a cuddly stuffed toy that not only walks and talks, but he also makes obscene gestures, cusses like a sailor and has been known to throw a party or two. This, obviously, can lead to some pretty funny stuff! But deep down, this isn’t a movie about a talking bear. Actually it’s very much a buddy comedy.

Mark Wahlberg plays John, the guy who doesn’t want to grow up. Mila Kunis is his girlfriend of 4 years. Ted is played by the writer & director of the movie, Seth McFarland. McFarland is better known for his television series, “Family Guy.” If you like that show, you’ll probably love this movie! I, however, have never watched an entire episode of “FG” so I didn’t really know what to expect. I won’t say I was let down because honestly I went into this movie a little hesitant. Reviews have been mixed and I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to pay full price for it. After seeing it, I can say I could have probably waited for it to come out on DVD. It’s a little bit like “Bridesmaids” to me. A few really good belly laughs and some likable characters but the plot doesn’t have a lot to offer and after a while I found myself wondering when the movie was gonna end.

There are a few guest appearances that are very funny (most notably by Flash Gordon) and some quality entertainment here though and if you are a McFarland fan, I would recommend it. But leave the kids at home. It’s definitely NOT for younger children and I don’t care HOW cute they think the teddy bear is!

Overall Rating: C+


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