“Must be time to find a real job…”

As far as science fiction films go, this one is a complete mess. Looking to be a “Die Hard/Escape To New York” hybrid, this movie never comes close to being either of those 2 classics and instead treads lightly on straight-to-DVD status.

Guy Pierce is “Snow,” a man who is being convicted of espionage. He’s got an attitude and a whipsmart sense of sarcasm (much like Snake or John McClane) and isn’t afraid to kick some butt to get his mission complete. When the President’s daughter is kept hostage on an outer space prison, he is tenured an offer: get her off the ship safely and win back your freedom. This idea, if lacking in freshness, definitely HAS possibilities. Too bad it seems to have been written and directed by 12 year olds (actually it’s written and directed by James Mather & Stephen St. Leger). As Pierce hams his way through most of this movie, actress Maggie Grace (best known as the daughter in “Taken”) manages to come across as wimpy and useless as the President’s daughter. Not only are these 2 characters kinda lame, but so are the convicts that are released and causing havoc on the ship. With a PG-13 rating, everything is dumbed down so the convicts that are supposed to be ultra-violent come across as simply a group of beefed up greaseballs with nothing to do beside stand around and look angry. Compared to films like “Con Air” or “Die Hard,” this one hardly has a leg to stand on.

Sense I really have nothing good to say about this movie, I’ll just quit there. Which is what the studio should have done when they saw the script.

Overall Rating: F


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