Let’s be perfectly clear here…I am a BIG Jason Statham fan. Having grown up in the 80’s when action stars were THE big things, having a guy kick ass here in the PC 2000’s is an accomplishment in itself! However, in the case of this film, it appears that Statham needed a paycheck. Not that its his worst film, because its not…but it seems a little lackluster even though there are plenty of action scenes and lots of double-dealings.

Luke Wright was a cop, a UFC fighter, a bum, an undercover agent and who knows what else. Pretty sure he probably was a fry guy at McDonalds at some point also. Anyway, he manages to get in the middle of a Asian mob, a Russian mob AND the local NY Police force when he helps a young Asian girl escape from their clutches. Why do they want her so badly? Well…she has eidetic memory, which means she can remember numbers. And in this case, a LOT of numbers. She memorizes a series of numbers that can open a safe with millions of dollars in it and so then she has EVERYONE on her tail. This leaves good-guy Wright to save her (over & over again, usually in a hail of gunfire or among an army of bad guys) and get the money.

Sounds like just about every Statham movie? Yeah…it is. There’s not much else to it. A lot of deals that go down as the police force take on the Russians then the Russians take on the Asians and then the Asians go after the police. It’s a lot of action all thrown into the streets of New York and eventually I got worn out just trying to follow it. Nevertheless…like I said…this ain’t Statham’s worst movie (that would go to Transporter 3) but I keep looking for his next “Snatch.” I mean…the guy CAN act so…it will happen someday I’m sure. Until then, I imagine we’ll continue to get “Crank” set on 11 until Statham gets burned out and needs to act again.

Overall Rating: C+


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