Every now & then I loosen up a little bit and take a movie for what it’s worth. This movie falls in that category. Usually, I’m not a fan of these types of movies. They’re over-hyped (Transformers), overdone (Battle: Los Angeles) and usually so ridiculous yet played so seriously that you can’t help but laugh (Green Lantern). So when I fired this movie up on a long flight home, I wasn’t expecting much. Actually…I wasn’t expecting anything at all! And that is why I found it to be somewhat entertaining! A lot of “Top Gun” with a splash of “Independence Day,” this movie is absolutely ridiculous in its premise and yet…somehow it works. Mostly because it doesn’t really take itself so seriously.

Alex Hopper (Taylor Kitsch) is the “Maverick” of this film, a lost soul whose brother (Alexander Skarsgard) is ten times the man he wants to be. Obviously, if you’re gonna join the Navy to be with your brother, you’re gonna have to live up to certain expectations. So when an alien invasion happens, Maver…er…Hopper finds it his time to rise to the task. It’s all straight out of so many armed forces movies and the addition of the evil alien race almost takes a back seat to so much of the action. All of the actors in this movie are up to the task, including Rihanna in her first movie role and under-used Liam Neeson. The real excitement happens when the battleships (hence the name of the movie) take aim and start firing on all cylinders. The soundtrack ramps up (a LOT of AC/DC in this one!), the cannons roar and the alien battleships are armed to the teeth with Transformer-like hardware. It’s all fun & games (literally, since this movie is based on the Hasbro board game) and even though there are a few scenes that could’ve been tossed, overall I found this to be an action-packed popcorn extravaganza that, despite never quite making it to summer blockbuster status, definitely made for some entertaining viewing on an overseas flight home from London!

Overall Rating: B+


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