Cabin In The Woods

Not having seen this movie in the theater last April, you would think I would have come across somewhere the plot of this movie. With so many talking about it and so many great reviews, it would make sense that the premise would have been given away but I am happy to say that I hadn’t heard and I didn’t know which made this movie so much more enjoyable to watch and I can say that I won’t be giving any spoilers away in this review either. Here’s what I WILL tell you…

1. Josh Whedon & Drew Goddard have definitely put a fun spin on the horror genre. I dunno if it worked for me completely, but it is refreshing to see someone trying SOMETHING new without deviating completely from the idea of what horror is or can be.

2. The acting in this movie is pretty damn good for being “a little scare flick.” With Whedon getting a young Chris Hemsworth, Jesse Williams and Kristen Connelly as his leads, this elevates it to a little higher class (a la “Nightmare On Elm Street” with Johnny Depp) than say the latest “Final Destination” with a bunch of no-name actors.

3. Having Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford doesn’t hurt this movie one bit! As a matter of fact, it’s these 2 actors that really make this movie more enjoyable because they add some humor to it.

4. You WILL be entertained.

5. It’s got a pretty good soundtrack which adds to the fun.

If you like horror films such as “Trick R Treat” or “Creepshow”, you’ll really enjoy and appreciate this kind of film. It’s not overly gory but it does have its scares. It will surprise you in places you didn’t think you could be surprised and it’s a lot of fun in the way that the above mentioned movies are…they want you to have fun being scared. It’s old school horror and being an “old school” kind of guy? THAT is something I can definitely recommend!

Overall Rating: B+


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