Resident Evil: Retribution

I know, I know…I’m usually a sucker for flicks like this. It has zombies, lots of action, and Milla Jovovich in skimpy outfits. But seriously? This is the biggest flop of the year so far. Granted…I did NOT see it in 3D (which it seems tailor-made for), but even then…the plot is so dumb and the acting is horrible. Even Jovovich (who plays the heroine of ALL the Resident Evil flicks and has been pretty steady throughout) seems pretty bored with this whole thing at this point. The return of Michelle Rodriguez in a thankless role aside, there is absolutely ZERO entertainment value in this flick despite its “Dawn Of The Dead” retread opening and a few scenes of mass destruction of what appears to be downtown New York & Tokyo. Unfortunately the ending of this one points to yet ANOTHER sequel and I can promise you this…I will NOT be seeing that one.

If you’re interested in my thoughts on the previous RE flicks, here is a summary of all of them up to this point. I still consider the first one to be a classic. But from there it goes straight downhill…

Overall Rating: F


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