Whenever someone tells me a movie is about time travel, I always think of “Back To The Future” with a teenage Michael J. Fox running around, trying not to run into himself in fear of screwing up the future. Well…that is the premise to this excellent sci-fi movie except that Marty McFly is an assassin and his job is to kill for a mob syndicate that is sending victims back into the past to be exterminated. The role of the killer is played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt who, at this point, seems to be the go-to guy in Hollywood right now. With his appearance in “Inception” and “”The Dark Knight Rises,” Gordon-Levitt is becoming this generation’s Tom Cruise and I mean that very much as a compliment.

In this role, he plays a young Joe, a paid assassin called a Looper, who waits patiently for the captured hit to appear via time travel and then kills them with a deadly gun shot. Except one day, the “hit” is himself, only 30 years older. The older Joe (Bruce Willis) escapes and it’s a cat & mouse game from there as the older Joe goes on the hunt for a young boy that will eventually grow up to be a crime kingpin named The Rainmaker. His idea is to kill the boy, setting in motion the new future that will allow him to remain with his wife and keep the peace in his city. Unfortunately, his younger self is protecting the child and his mother (the great Emily Blunt) and will stop at nothing to keep them alive.

At just under 2 hours, this movie could have been a mess. Interweaving 2 different storylines, bouncing from the past to the future, it had the potential to be disastrous. But director Rian Johnson, who has director nothing I’ve ever seen, does a remarkable job and keeps it engrossing the entire film length. I was especially pleased with the way the movie was broken into sections, first introducing Joe, then proceeding to the self assassination and then to the Rainmaker storyline. It flows pretty nicely altogether and there isn’t a stop in the action. As a matter of fact, the premise behind the Rainmaker makes it even more interesting because you don’t know how that story is going to end.

Needless to say, I loved this movie. All of the actors are fantastic, especially Gordon-Levitt, who wears a prosthetic chin to give himself the look of a young Bruce Willis. Emily Blunt is excellent as usual and Jeff Daniels as the mobster, Abe, also does a fantastic job. I would highly recommend seeing this movie in the theaters before it gets overrun by bad Halloween scare flicks!

Overall Rating: A


2 thoughts on “Looper

  1. 7 Reasons Why Looper was a terrible time travel movie:

    1. The Looper position was totally uneccessary. If I had control over time and space I would drop my enemies in a raging volcano or in the middle of the ocean 1,000,000 years ago. I would not send them 30 back to a cornfield.

    2.Lets say you just have to have Loopers. But why kill them? If they have moved on and not ratted 30 years later I would say they are ok to let live. And if you are going to kill them have a DIFFERENT Looper do it! Why the uneccessary risk?

    3. Everyone drove 32 year old peices of crap cars or state of the art flying motorcycles, no middle ground. No progression in technology, pure crap to flying amazing machines.

    4. What happens in the next 32 years that will give one quarter of the population super powers? Just throwing that out there with no explaination was strange.

    5. When “young Joe” killed “young Jeff Daniels” the movie ceased to exist. It was older Jeff Daniels that found and trained the watch shopkeeper. Kill him and the house of cards falls.

    6. When “young Joe” kills himself “old Joe” would not be the only thing to vanish. The movie once again ends and I am pretty sure Dr. Bishop would say this action would have created a wormhole.

    7. If “old Joe” doesn’t exist, who the hell drove those silver bars to her farm? And why does the kid have a hole in his face? Too many loose ends!

    • Ok…but BESIDES all of these reasons…


      Ok! Ok! I get it…you didn’t like it. But watching it on the big screen and not really knowing what I was in for? I totally dug it!

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