Every year, my brother & I venture out on Thanksgiving evening to screen a new movie and this year’s choice was the latest James Bond adventure, “Skyfall.” As tired as the Bond franchise COULD be, I am delighted to say that this franchise is definitely standing the test of time with the latest Bond, Daniel Craig (in his 3rd Bond flick) and director Sam Mendes at the helm. In this installment, the MI6 is under attack by an unknown assailant who has managed to hack into their computers and created chaos, blowing up the agency and killing many agents. The leader of the group, M, is also being hunted and it’s up to 007 to find the attacker and stop the carnage.

That is the quick summary of the plot of “Skyfall,” however as brief as it is, this is not a simple film. As with most Bond flicks, there is a LOT of action, sexual innuendo, lovely locations and plenty of gadgets (many from past movies) that make this a great viewing experience! Some old characters are re-introduced and a couple are lost by the end of this film and all I will say is that Mendes and company have done the franchise a great service by moving forward with it rather than staying neutral and trying to remake the Jason Bourne franchise.

Everyone involved in this film is top notch, including the latest villain, Silva, played by Javier Bardem. Not only is he ruthless and cunning, but he’s slimy in a way that you can’t quite put your finger on. Not unlike his character in “No Country For Old Men,” Silva is a narcissistic and unyielding character who pushes Bond and the rest of MI6 to its limits! He is perfect for this role!

Anyway…I could go on but I don’t want to give anything away. This movie is very much a transitional film for the Bond franchise. It sets into motion a new (yet old) cast of characters and I can say that if things go the way I think they will…James Bond ain’t going no where anytime soon.

Oveall Rating: A


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