Wreck-It Ralph

Everyone has been touting this film as Disney’s “return” from mediocrity and if that is the tag placed on it then I am happy to say that they are right! This is a GREAT family-friendly film that manages to mix nostalgic with modern humor and enough colorful action to keep ALL ages entertained! The premise is easy…take the “bad guy” from one video game, give him the will to become the “good guy” and then put him in different video games! It’s a GREAT idea that works …to a point. Ralph (voiced by John C. Reilly) breaks free from his game (called “Fix-It Felix”) in order to change his life. He feels alienated by everyone in his videogame world and wants to be recognized. He figures if he “wins” a medal, all the characters in his game, including Felix, will let him be a part of the gang. In the process, he creates all kinds of havoc in a “Halo” type of game where he meets Commander Calhoun (voiced by the perfect Jane Lynch) and then inadvertently causes chaos in a bubbly, candy-coated racer game called “Sugar Rush” when he brings a bug in. He meets a “glitch” named Vanellope (voiced by Sarah Silverman) and sets out to help her win a race that will make her normal while also trying to win his medal.

Needless to say, this movie is all kinds of fun! It’s colorful and adventurous and some of the situations are hysterical! My kids loved it and so did I. My only complaint would be the last 35 minutes or so of the film. It slows down a little bit to develop the friendship between Ralph and Vanellope and introduces the King Candy, the ruler of “Sugar Rush,” which may or may not be somewhat confusing to kids. It gets a little technical in its tone and loses some steam, however that aside…this is a great family film and one that should be on your “Must See” list for this holiday season!

Overall Rating: A-


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