Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World

What do you do when you’re told the end of the world is imminent and your life is over? Do you continue to go to work? Do you empty your bucket list? Do you sit in your house and play records and cry yourself to sleep? Or do you set out to find the love of your life, the one that got away, to tell her how you really feel about her? This could have been the apocalyptic version of “When Harry Met Sally,” and I REALLY wanted it to be just that. But the combination of the 2 leads in this one just didn’t mesh and that’s too bad because…well…I WANTED TO LOVE IT DAMMIT!

I mean it’s got Steve Carrell, one of the funniest guys in the movie industry right now. It’s got Kiera Knightley, who ain’t bad to look at and it’s about the end of the world, one of my person favorite film topics. So you mesh them together and what do you get? Well…a boring movie isn’t what I would have thought going in but…yeah…it kinda is.

Despite the facade it puts on, this movie is a wanna-be love story. It sets out by setting our two main characters on a road trip to find his past love and her family. From there, the wheels are set in motion and, despite the attempt to make them seem like a couple that could be a good pair, it never gets there for me. Despite the fact that it IS the end of the world and no one wants to be left alone when that happens, I just didn’t buy into that either of these characters would give a crap about one another, let alone pick them to be their partner for the end. He’s too much of a nerd AND a lot older than her and she’s a wacky, loony type who seems to dig the tough guys that will leave her in a heartbeat.


And that sucks because I REALLY wanted to like this movie! But it wasn’t to be. I didn’t like this movie. It’s too slow, doesn’t gel and never really gets to where it is trying to go. Is it a comedy or a romance? Because it’s neither. If you like Steve Carrell, maybe rent it. But for my money? I’d say don’t bother…because if the end of the world is THIS boring? I’d rather fire up some Led Zeppelin and watch it all go down in flames by myself with my headphones on.

Overall Rating: C-

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