The Bourne Legacy

Ok…I gotta be honest here…I’ve seen ALL of the Bourne movies and I can’t tell you the difference between #1 and #3. I’m not sure exactly what the hell is going on in this series but here’s what I am gathering from this one…the government is looking to enhance soldiers to make “super soldiers” for the military and a small group of them have been taking certain meds in order to make that happen. Jason Bourne was one of them but there were more. Now the series is taking a different direction and focusing on Aaron Cross (Renner), who finds himself on the run when the government decides to shut down the program. Needless to say, he must run…and run fast several times…in order to survive. Along the way, he enlists the aid of a scientist to keep him alive and, in the process, many people get the living snot beat out of them…including Cross.

You would think I would grow tired of this genre of movie. It’s been done many times over and I can’t say that this film is any different than the previous 3 thrillers that hold its namesake and were just as exciting to watch as this one. But I have to admit…as long as the hero is likable (and he is), the heroine is attractive (and she is) and the action is off the hook intense (which it is!), then I dig these types of action movies! Sure…the plot can be convoluted. I mean, we ARE talking conspiracy here people! But in the end, it’s all a bunch of mumbo jumbo that is just a precursor to the ass kicking action that you KNOW is gonna take place. It helps that everyone in this movie is a qualified actor. Renner is top notch as Cross, Rachel Weisz is great as the scientist who helps him stay alive and Ed Norton, Scott Glenn and Stacey Keach are equally as good as the bad CIA guys who want Cross more dead than alive.

Is it better than the first three? I’ll leave that for you to decide. But if you liked the previous Bourne movies, I guarantee you’ll probably enjoy this one as well.

Overall Rating: B


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