Total Recall 2012


Looking at my reviews for the movies that were released in 2012, it appears that it was one helluva year! A lot of movies that I really enjoyed and then…this clunker. How can you take a classic movie, remake it, hire 2 of the most attractive women in show business today and then completely ruin it with horrific dialogue and poor action sequences? THIS is how.

If you missed the 1990 classic starring AH-nold Schwarzenegger and then It-Girl Sharon Stone, then I implore you…go rent it today and completely forget this helpless retread that totally misses the point of the first one. Where the ’90 version has more soul, this one takes itself WAY too seriously and becomes a mess of action sequences that are ridiculous and dialogue that makes no sense. I’m not even gonna bother to go into the plot but let’s just say that for whatever reason, Colin Ferrell has made another clunker of a retread (see “Fright Night”) and it’s about time that he gets out of the remake business and get down to making some movies that have some heart (see “Crazy Heart or “Horrible Bosses”). As for the wasted talent of Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel? Well…there ARE a couple scenes of Beckinsale in her underwear…if THAT’S what you’re going for…

Overall Rating: F


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