Top 10 Movie Scenes Of 2012

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Now that I’ve pretty much cleared my slate of movies that I HAD to see from 2012, I realize that 2012 may have been one of the best years ever for movies! So many great flicks to choose from and so many awesome scenes! But…there were some duds mixed in there as well. Here are my picks for the Top Scenes, good OR bad, from 2012…

WORST MOVIE MOMENT: Paul Rudd talking to himself in the mirror in “Wanderlust”

I’m not going to say I hate this movie when, in fact, I’m STILL trying to get through it however I CAN say this…there is a scene at 1:03:15 into it that is completely cringeworthy in its stupidity. Normally, I totally dig Rudd and his off-kilter sense of humor but THIS scene is awful. Easily my least favorite scene of any movie this past year…

MOST ROMANTIC SCENE: When rock star Reeves sings his hit song to his classmates at their 10 year reunion, revealing that he wrote it about his high school sweetheart who is sitting in a booth watching in “10 Years.”

This scene blew me away in its simplicity and yet it has a heartbeat that I can’t ignore. As Reeves (Oscar Isaac) sings his song, there’s a line in it where Julie (Kelly Noonan) realizes it’s about her. It’s a great moment in the film and my favorite romantic moment of this past year!

MOST MIND-BLOWING/GUT WRENCHING SCENE: From 12:50 to 31:00 of “The Impossible” when the Tsunami hits Thailand, ripping a mother from her family and forcing her to swim for her life to save at least one of her children.


Seriously…I can’t remember when I’ve sat with such anxiety during a single scene. Knowing what was coming (the film is based on a true story, after all) didn’t help at all. This scene alone had me sweating and the rest of the movie is just as good. Can’t show you the scene here but I recommend that, if you’re a parent, make sure you’re up for it. It is unbelievably hard to watch and filmmaking at its best!

MOST TENSE SCENE: When Calvin Candie confronts Django and Dr. Schultz in the dining room in “Django Unchained.”


If anything, Quentin Tarantino knows how to build suspense and then lets it erupt into violence so graphic that you’re never quite sure what is taking place. In this case, he builds the suspense expertly and with Calvin Candie, Leonardo DiCaprio has a character that allows him to come unhinged a little bit…

BEST ACTION SCENE: When the Hulk arrives to do battle with the Avengers to confront an alien attack that is led by Thor’s brother, Loki in “The Avengers.”

Nothing like a good ol’ butt-whippin’ to keep audiences glued to their seat and for the start of this action sequence, the Avengers aren’t fairing so well. That is…until our favorite angry green giant shows up and pounds EVERYTHING into submission! Iron Man may be the heart of the movie but it’s the Hulk that steals the show and he tops it off with a comedic touch…

FUNNIEST SCENE(S): ANY of the campaign commercials featured in the Will Ferrell/Zach Galifianakis comedy, “The Campaign.”

Despite the fact that there were so many funny scenes in this movie, like the Super Bowl, the best parts are the commercials! With Cam Brady (Ferrell) and Marty Huggins (Galifianakis) squaring off in one 30 second spot after another! When it finally gets to the point where it’s porn…you KNOW you’ve witnessed trash talking at its best!

WEIRDEST SEX SCENE: Charlotte Bess (Nicole Kidman) and Hillary Van Wetter (John Cusack) meet in prison for the first time in “The Paperboy.”


Despite the fact that they are 2 of my favorite actors, this scene is just bizarre. With Bess (Kidman) meeting her “soul mate,” killer Van Wetter (Cusack), for the first time in a prison meeting room, the sexual tension gets so high that they both masturbate…IN FRONT OF others in the room. It’s weird and creepy and definitely one of the oddest sex scenes that I’ve ever seen in American cinema.

BEST SCENE(S) INVOLVING A GUY YOU WISH YOU KNEW IN COLLEGE: When Jesse (Josh Radnor) returns to his former college, he runs into Nat (Zac Efron), an independent thinker who always seems to have the answers in “Liberal Arts.”

Zac Efron had an interesting year. Not only did he star in the above-mentioned “The Paperboy,” but he also has a small role in this little independent comedy and he almost steals the show in his total of 10 minutes. Here are his scenes all edited together but I have to tell you…if you have the opportunity, you should watch the entire film. It really is a good movie!

MOST HEARTFELT MOMENT: When Hushpuppy finds herself in a brothel and shares a dance with a hooker at about 1:17 into “Beasts Of The Southern Wild.”


Among the sparkling lights of the brothel, young Hushpuppy (Quvenzhane Wallis), whose mother has disappeared, finds a pretty woman who teaches her a few life lessons and then dances with her in one of the movie’s most powerful moments.

MOST DISAPPOINTING FIGHT SCENE TO END A MOVIE: When Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) fight Cato on top of the Cornucopia in “The Hunger Games.”


Despite the fact that I liked this movie a lot, I thought the ending scene when our 2 heroes face off against the much fiercer Cato was under-served. The book made it much more intense and exciting and when the end DOES come for Cato, the filmmakers rush his demise unlike in the book where it sounds so much more horrible when he is eaten by the wolf-like mutations.


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