And The 2013 Oscars Go To…


This year, my brother & I wanted to do something different. We’ve decided to allow you, the reader, the opportunity to chime in on who YOU think will be this year’s big winners! Of course, we will be voting as well and it will be fun to see who picks the right winners this year simply because, let’s face it, other than Daniel Day-Lewis, no one is a lock! Play along or don’t play along but either way…you can’t say we didn’t TRY to get you involved!

Alan: This year, I’ve seen a big chunk of these films (unlike last year where I’d seen maybe 2 or 3) so this time I’m going with who I think should win…not who I think everyone else will pick. Putting my skills to the test! Aaand I have no idea what or who my brother will pick but…that’s the fun of all this…right?

Frank: I have been slacking with my movie watching this year and since most of these films were only released within the last few months, I will be using alternative methods to determine the cream of this year’s crop (Magic 8-ball, consulting with 1-900 psychics, reading tarot cards, and Googling the heck out of each category).

Aaaaaaand away we go!

Alan’s Selection: Since I haven’t read ANY of these books, I’m sort of at a loss. However I am going to go with “Life Of Pi” due to the fact that so many have raved about how well this movie was transfered to the big screen and I have to agree…it WAS an awesome movie and the 3D was amazing!

Frank’s Selection: My heart says to go with Lincoln, but my brain says Affleck getting snubbed will generate some guilt voting for Argo. Normally a bad choice, but this time I am doing what my brain tells me! Argo wins the prize!

Alan’s Selection: I dunno what everyone likes about Moonrise Kingdom. I thought it was boring as any film this year. I’m going with Zero Dark Thirty on this one. It has been well documented that this movie was underway before they captured Bin Laden. I have to believe the Academy will see the masterful way the writers changed their original script and STILL made such an amazing movie.

Frank’s Selection: I think that Quentin Tarantino generated enough N-word buzz (Nostalgic) in his spaghetti western / revenge thriller that he wins this year. I wasn’t incredibly impressed with the film but the storyline was interesting.

Alan’s Selection: I loved The Avengers and it kicked butt this summer and made a boatload of cash for Hollywood. But despite that, I’m going against the jolly green Hulk on this one because of the masterful work Ang Lee did with Richard Parker and with the 3D effects in Life Of Pi.

Frank’s Selection: Has anything related to the Lord of the Rings ever NOT won an Oscar nomination? I really wanted to pick The Avengers (the end fight scene was AWESOME!) but its really hard to pick against a team that has won 17 Oscars, incuding 3 for visual effects. The Hobit reaches new heights with an Oscar win.

Alan’s Selection: I couldn’t care less about this category and, although I really liked Snow White & The Huntsmen, I HAVE to believe that the Broadway show, Les Mis, will be the one to take this award. So much grime and so many costumes…it has Oscar written all over it! So I’ll go with that and see if I happen to guess correctly.

Frank’s Selection: I have a time tested formula in determining Costume Design (patent pending) and it is telling me that Les Miserables is a lock.

Alan’s Selection: As much as I WANT to select Zero Dark Thirty, I am going to go out on a limb here and give it to Argo just because I figure the Academy HAS to give props to Ben Affleck’s little film that everyone THOUGHT had an opportunity for Best Picture. They’re both great films though!

Frank’s Selection: From what I hear they didn’t edit ANYTHING out of Lincoln, so that’s out. Hollywood is pissed torture scenes weren’t cut from Zero Dark Thirty, so that’s out. Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo…..Oscar for Film Editing goes to Argo!

Alan’s Selection: This is a tough one. With the King of movie-making in the front-running with Lincoln, Spielberg is obviously in the running. But in this case, I’m going to say the Academy has SEEN something such as Lincoln before and they’ll go a different way. I like the idea that Life Of Pi director, Ang Lee, gets this because everyone knows it’s a pain in the butt filming on water AND it’s a damn good movie! Lincoln? Yawn.

Frank’s Selection: Where the hell is Affleck on this list? If I HAVE to pick a different director, I am going with Ang Lee. A fellow film buff told me that Life of Pi wasn’t supposed to be able to be made and he worked magic to pull it off. So, making the impossible magically possible is Oscar worthy.

Alan’s Selection: Pixar has a leg up with Brave but I’ve seen 3 of these and Wreck-It Ralph was one of my favorite films last year. So I’m going with Fix-It Felix and his good buddy, Ralph.

Frank’s Selection: Brave.

Now the BIGGIES!

Alan’s Selection: Admittedly, I have seen only 2 of these performances and I can’t say that either of them blew me away. So I’m going with the one who got naked and gave it all she had…literally. Helen Hunt plays a sex surrogate in The Sessions and I imagine the Academy will give her the statue for simply putting it all out there. if not, Anne Hathaway takes it because everyone loves a good music number…even if it DOES make you sad. I choose Hunt.

Frank’s Selection: I’ll say Sally Field wins the Oscar for packing on 40 pounds of crazy Lincoln weight for the role. Thats dangerous at her age and shows dedication!

Alan’s Selection: Truthfully…this is the toughest of ALL the categories. I WANT to say Alan Arkin here. He was a big part of why Argo was so entertaining and he’s a Hollywood staple. However he doesn’t have nearly the screen time that Christoph Waltz does in Django Unchained and so that is why I’m taking Waltz over Arkin in a battle of some pretty heated competition for the statue in this category!

Frank’s Selection: If Tommy Lee Jones wins an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor then he deserves an Oscar for every damn film he has ever been in (including Batman Forever!) because he has the played the same character with the same gruff attitude throughout his career. I like the character but if it’s the best of the year, that is sad. Another apology to Affleck as Alan Arkin wins an Oscar.

Alan’s Selection: This isn’t even close. Give it to Day-Lewis as our 16th President.

Frank’s Selection:  Wolverine isn’t supposed to sing and dance, so Hugh loses. From what I hear, Daniel Day-Lewis deserves an award for staying awake throughout this movie as the lead character, but I am in the mood for a long shot. I like Denzel but Bradley Cooper is a longer shot. So…there it is, Bradley Cooper steps up his game while working with a great director to win his only Oscar ever! (Ooooh, that’s predicting the future as well!)

Alan’s Selection: THIS is a heated race also! So many great performances and you have the youngest actress ever nominated in the category with Wallis (what a great performance!), one of the oldest in Riva and 2 hot new actresses who have been blowing audiences away ever since they hit the scene not so long ago (Lawrence & Chastain). But in this case, I am going with Naomi Watts. Her performance in The Impossible is one of the reasons I love that film so much and the fact that it’s not up for Best Picture blows me away.

Frank’s Selection: Quvenzhané Wallis becomes the youngest winner for Best Actress! Probably not, but it would be a good storyline and I am giving her my vote.


Alan’s Selection: This IS a tough year to call! My HEAD says Lincoln. As boring as I thought it was, everyone else seemed to love it and you have Spielberg at the helm so…it’s in the running. I wouldn’t mind if Beasts Of the Southern Wild won. It was a great movie but it has lost some underdog steam since a few months ago. Django was probably not as well received as Tarantino’s previous films so I don’t think it’s gonna win. I didn’t see Les Mis but I heard mixed reviews. Amour will probably win Best Foreign Film but it hasn’t been seen by enough people to win Best Picture. Silver Linings Playbook probably has a better shot than I give it credit for but I didn’t think it was all that. Argo has already won a Golden Globe and EVERYONE knows you never win BOTH a Globe and an Oscar. So this leaves me with 2 to choose from…effects-laden Life Of Pi and Zero Dark Thirty. ZDT was, I feel, too similar in some ways to Katheryn Bigelow’s previous Best Picture winner, The Hurt Locker. So…with all that being said…and with the movie that I thought was the best of last year not even in here (The Impossible)…I’m going to go with Life Of Pi as the upset winner for Best Film of 2012. It probably won’t happen…but what the hell.

Frank’s Selection: Of all the movies (and trailers) I have seen, Silver Linings Playbook deserves the Oscar the most. Django Unchained should not be on this list, and I just realized I totally snubbed Lincoln. Shoot, maybe I should think this over…..

To really capture my decision making process stare at at the screen for 5 minutes without blinking….

……Remembers a fat Sally Field pick from earlier…….and decides to go with Ol’ Trusty…Argo (AKA: We’re really sorry Ben!!!).


3 thoughts on “And The 2013 Oscars Go To…

  1. and… my votes are in. Turns out I liked Les Mis a lot more than I realized. I think that and Lincoln are taking it all this year, with Argo (being my favorite film of the year) pulling our some surprises. Daniel Day was awesome in Lincoln too… fun to predict! good stuff dude 🙂

  2. The one thing I truly cannot understand is how Argo didn’t get a nod for Best Director. Riddle me this: How can a nominee for Best Picture (and the one that I think will win) not be directed by the best director?

    I also think it’s very hard to vote against ANYTHING that Steven Spielberg does.

  3. I like how Frank says he snubbed Lincoln then says “shoot”. Not sure if that was intentional or not but very funny either way.

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