Seven Psychopaths

Here’s a movie that I find perplexing. It’s an odd little film actually and it’s hard to categorize it within the boundaries of a rating. What I can say is that it starts out strong, slacks a little in the middle and then goes completely awry in the end. Do I think it’s worth a rental? Well…gimme a second and I’ll get to that part.

Alcoholic writer Marty (Colin Farrell) and his buddy Billy (Sam Rockwell) are attempting to write a book. Wait…let me rephrase that…Marty is writing the book. Billy is simply giving him ideas for the book. But truthfully…Billy wants more to do with the book than he leads Marty to believe. The book is called “Seven Psychopaths” and, although it’s still in development, Marty feels he is on to something that could make it a career-changer. THAT is the easiest way to start to describe this movie. From there, I’m not sure how to describe it without giving plot points away. I mean, I can tell you that Woody Harrelson plays a psycho nutjob named Charlie and who is so infatuated with his dog that he’ll kill anyone who may want to STEAL the dog for ransom money. I could tell you that Christopher Walken plays a dog thief named Hans, who is stealing animals for the ransom money so he can help pay for his wife’s hospital bills. But beyond that, I don’t really want to say anything else about it. Okay…except for one thing…the ending isn’t what you might think it is going to be…and it’s not a very good ending for that matter either.

Now that I’ve written all of this, I can only imagine this leaves you a little perplexed. Let me say this about “Seven Psychopaths”…it’s an interesting movie that is entertaining in its own way yet nowhere nearly as interesting as it would leave you to believe. I would love to tell you that it’s an excellent way to spend 2 hours of your time, but I’m not confident enough in my criticism to say that. What I will say is I’m gonna give it a decent grade simply based on the performances alone because they are top notch and then leave it at that. The top 4 actors are all excellent in this film and Rockwell is about as goofy as they come by the end. Oh…and Tom Waits has a role that is almost worth the price of the rental alone. And that makes it worth it if you ask me!

Overall Rating: B-


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