Oscar Night Results!

20130224-203054.jpgLet’s just start by saying…the Red Carpet part of the Oscars is just ridiculous anymore. All the interviews with celebrities who are obviously not interested in talking, they’re all nervous, they’re all giggly and it’s just dumb. I don’t know how many hours E! broadcasts the “pre-show” but it’s just WAY too much talk about dresses and suits and jewelry and stuff that just doesn’t matter. We’re here to celebrate MOVIES…NOT clothing!?!?! Right?

Okay…I have THAT off my chest…let’s take a look at tonight’s big winners!

Seth McFarlane opens it BIG with a quip about making Tommy Lee Jones laugh. Good start! From there he seemed a little nervous but managed to work through it with a standard opening that didn’t really make any changes to what it normally happens at the Oscars. Then he did a hilarious spoof with Captain James T. Kirk that included a song about celebrity boobs, a sock puppet homage to the film “Flight” and a love scene with Sally Field which had McFarland dressing up like the Flying nun. All-in-all, this was his shining moment for the evening as the rest of the show he fell kinda flat. Not that he was the worst host of the Oscars ever, but he certainly wasn’t the best.

Anyway…let’s take a look at how my brother & I did compared to the results of our poll, shall we? Not necessarily in the order they were aired last night but more as we listed them in THIS post

BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: I picked “Life Of Pi”, Frank picked “Argo”, the people (all 22 of you) picked Argo with 36.4% of the vote.


  • Frank 1:
  • Alan: 0
  • The People: 1

BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: I chose “Zero Dark Thirty” figuring it HAD to win SOMETHING, Frank picked “Django Unchained” and the people (21 of you) picked a tie between Zero Dark Thirty & Django with 28.6% of the vote.

THE WINNER: “Django Unchained!”

  • Frank: 2
  • Alan: 0
  • The People: 1.5

BEST VISUAL EFFECTS: This was a toughie this year. I chose “Life Of Pi,” Frank picked “The Hobbit” and the people (20 joined in) picked “Life Of Pi” to take home the prize with 50% of the vote.

THE WINNER: “Life Of Pi”

  • Frank: 2
  • Alan: 1
  • The People: 2.5

BEST COSTUME DESIGN: Frank thought he has this one in the bag picking “Les Miserables.” I had to agree with him, and 80% of you agreed with us. Well…we are suckers. 0 points for ALL of us…

THE WINNER: Anna Karenina

BEST FILM EDITING: We ALL picked “Argo” (38.9% of the votes!) and the Academy didn’t disappoint…


  • Frank: 3
  • Alan: 2
  • The People: 3.5

BEST DIRECTOR: This was an Up For Grabs category despite what everyone thinks. Most were picking Spielberg to have this thing wrapped up but Frank & I disagreed. We took Ang Lee for “Life Of Pi” due to degree of difficulty, the people picked Spielberg with 58.8% of the vote. The people were suckered!

THE WINNER: Ang Lee, “Life Of Pi” 

  • Frank: 4
  • Alan: 3
  • The People: 3.5

BEST ANIMATED FEATURE: I thought for sure this was gonna go my way! I picked “Wreck-It Ralph,” Frank chose the Pixar film “Brave” and the people were on Frank’s side. Guess you guys know your animated movies!


  • Frank: 5
  • Alan: 3
  • The People: 4.5

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: I HAD to believe the woman who went full nude was gonna wrap this one up but I guess I was wrong. I picked Helen Hunt to win for “The Sessions,” Frank picked Sally Fields ’cause she got fat in “Lincoln” and you, the people, took Anne Hathaway with 60% of the vote. Smart people!

THE WINNER: Anne Hathaway, “Les Miserables”

  • Frank: 5
  • Alan: 3
  • The People: 5.5

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: I went with the quietest nominee for his role in “Django Unchained,” Christoph Waltz. Frankfurter took Alan Arkin in “Argo” because he has an AWESOME first name. The people spoke and picked Arkin also AND Tommy Lee Jones in our 2nd People’s Vote tie of the night…not that this one mattered.

THE WINNER: Christoph Waltz, “Django Unchained”

  • Frank: 5
  • Alan: 4
  • The People: 5.5

BEST ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE: EVERYBODY and their brother took Daniel Day-Lewis (90% anyway) EXCEPT for MY brother who went with Bradley Cooper?!?! Um…no.

THE WINNER: Daniel Day-Lewis, “Lincoln”

  • Frank: 5
  • Alan: 5
  • The People: 6.5

BEST ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE: This was a tough one. Seriously, Naomi Watts was SO deserving of this award that it’s not even funny. So I took her. Frank thought the 6-year old was gonna win for “Beasts Of The Southern Wilds” and the people picked Jessica Chastain in “Zero Dark Thirty” because you are all sheep who follow the media too closely.

THE WINNER: Jennifer Lawrence, “Silver Linings Playbook.” This was EASILY the most disappointing choice of the night for me. Will she win another? Probably. Did she deserve it for this role? Nope. Nobody gets points…

BEST PICTURE: What a great year for movies! So many choices and so many times throughout the year there was Oscar buzz for ANY of the films nominated. I HAVE to believe that not getting a Best Director nod for Ben Affleck played into this decision, even though I was thought “Argo” was a genuinely entertaining movie. Anyway, I picked “Life Of Pi” to win, Frank & the People went with the hot ticket at the moment in “Argo” and you were correct!



  • Frank: 6
  • Alan: 5
  • The People: 7.5

And THAT’S what I get for voting with my heart instead of my head. Congrats to the People for winning this year’s Oscar Pick ‘Em competition! Maybe next year Frank & I will get this figured out…



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