Silent Hill Revelation


Back in 2006, “Silent Hill” was released with very little fanfare and managed to freak me out a little bit. Much like the OTHER video game movie, “Resident Evil,” this movie featured some decent horror moments and despite not being TOTALLY awesome, managed to make me squirm a little bit with its odd CGI characters and some really cool set pieces in a deserted town. The only problem with the original was the ending, which was really kind of dumb and only served one purpose…to get to the end of the movie. So now I have to wonder…

Why a sequel?

I guess to make money. So…much like “Resident Evil,” here we have “Silent Hill Revelation” and my revelation is this…they should’ve stuck with only one. There is absolutely NOTHING to like about this return to Silent Hill. The creatures are lame, the town is barely noticeable with all the ashes falling down (in the original, the ashes weren’t quite as dense) and the characters are all idiots. No one on this cast deserves a paycheck, including Carrie-Ann Moss & Malcolm McDowell, who show up in ridiculous makeup to try to be spooky but only managed to make me cringe with the knowledge that they deserve to be in better movies than this piece of crap.

So…let’s just get to it…

Overall Rating: F



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