Taken 2


I have to admit…I’m a fan of “Taken.” Despite what it REALLY is (another revenge flick dripping with unrealistic violence and mayhem), it somehow manages to draw you in because the characters are likable and seem like normal, every day people. In this case, the “normal, every day person” is Brian Mills (Liam Neeson), a CIA agent who has had his share of battles. He’s a wily veteran who has a knack for hunting down the wanted. So when his daughter is kidnapped to be sold off for the sex market, he hunts down her kidnappers, frees his daughter (Maggie Grace) and pretty much kills everybody. End of movie.

Now we move ahead not too far into the future. The men that he killed were the henchmen of a third world country heavy and he demands retribution. So…doing what third world heavy’s do…he sets out to not only kill Mills but also his daughter and his ex-wife (Famke Jannsen). Despite an interesting premise, this rehash of the first one is nowhere near as good or as entertaining. Jannsen has a larger role but she plays it so stiffly and without any real purpose that her character quickly becomes a bore. Neeson retreads his character, Grace is a little older but not all that interesting and everything about this movie just screams “REDO.” Don’t get taken by “Taken 2” if you’ve already seen “Taken.” It’s not worth your time or your money.

Overall Rating: C-


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