The Forgotten Drive-In

I remember when I was a kid, occasionally my parents would take the family to a drive-in theater to see a movie. I don’t recall what movies we saw, but I DO remember watching the big screen from the car and listening to the audio from one of the FM receivers that clipped on the window. It was probably on a hot summer night and me and my siblings were probably munching on popcorn and sodas in the backseat of my parent’s station wagon. I recall there being a little area that had swings and a carousel and we’d spend more time there than watching the movie. I wish I could remember the name of the drive-in for this particular post but I don’t. Maybe my parents do? I don’t know. Either way, the memory of those summer nights sparked me to go look for photographs of the drive-in and obviously things have changed through the years. Although they haven’t completely faded away, there aren’t nearly as many today as there were back then! Here are some old photos that I found that celebrate the heyday of the drive-in or, in some cases, its sad demise. Here’s hoping this generation of kids can find some fun to be had in the front seat of mom & dad’s convertible BMW and will bring back the old drive-in. If you have one in your area, I recommend giving it a go! You might be surprised how much fun you have!


One thought on “The Forgotten Drive-In

  1. I don’t remember the name of the drive-in either (wasn’t it where the Walmart is now?), and I don’t remember the swings and carousel (are you sure you’re not thinking of Grease?) but I will always remember watching Beastmaster while sitting in the Impala wagon. Classic.

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