The World’s End

I’ve read a lot of other opinions about this movie and let me just say this…there are a LOT of people who are critical of the 3 films that star Simon Pegg & Nick Frost. In my opinion, “Shaun Of The Dead” is a classic. It’s a comedic spin on the zombie genre that still hasn’t been topped since it hit theaters in 2004. “Hot Fuzz” wasn’t as good and had nothing to do with zombies or science fiction. It was a play on cop buddy films and had some decent moments but overall…it was average. And now comes “The World’s End” and I’m happy to report that director Edgar Wright, Pegg & Frost have made a hysterically funny finale to their triple bill!

Gary King (Pegg) is hitting a mid-life crisis. He finds himself down on his luck, in therapy and wanting to return to his hometown to complete a pub crawl that he and his buddies failed to complete when they were teenagers. Some 30 years later, he gets the gang to return to finish the task only to find that the townspeople of Newton Haven are…a little odd. Is it an alien takeover? Is the apocalypse upon us? Will the gang manage to finish their pub crawl before our world is totally annihilated? Those are the questions that need to be answered and thankfully…they all are by the end of the movie.

There is a lot of talk about this being the finale chapter in the “Cornetto Ice Cream Trilogy.” With “Shaun Of The Dead” being the first, “Hot Fuzz” being the second and now “The World’s End” being the last edition. And it IS true that Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and director Edgar Wright are all behind these movies. But to tie them together is a disservice to their accomplishment. All 3 of these films stand out by themselves and I don’t think any of them really go together whatsoever. Either way, it is what it is and so…CHAPTER 3: “The World’s End” hits all the right notes and even manages to be even better than “Shaun of the Dead” in some cases. I found this movie to be as engaging and as easy to sit through as “Dead” and all of the characters in this one are just as lovable. With the same director, a lot of the editing and cinematography is the same but maybe it’s the fact that I can identify with the characters that set this one apart for me. With Gary having a “mid-life crisis” of sorts and with his need to get the gang back together to finish the crawl, I can relate to his mid-life angst and there are many sequences in this film that I can relate to personally.

Whatever the case may be, I was very entertained by “The World’s End.” Edgar Wright has put together a trilogy of films to be proud of and I feel like whenever I watch them, I am watching friends on celluloid.

Overall Rating: A


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