If there is one word to sum up “Gravity,” the latest movie from Alfonso Cuaron, it’s this…INTENSE. Other than “The Impossible,” I can’t think of any other film in recent memory that had me sweating from the moment the movie started to the minute it ended. Even “The Impossible,” which is a brilliant film, let up a little bit. This movie does not. And it is AWESOME!

Sandra Bullock is Ryan Stone, a medical engineer assigned to work on a space shuttle with senior astronaut Matt Kowalski (George Clooney). As they are working through some issues with the shuttle, a barrage of debris tears up their shuttle and causes them to lose communication with Earth, leaving them stranded in the silence of space and floating aimlessly.

And that is the basic premise. But it’s NOT a basic film! This movie is, by far, one of the most amazing movies I have ever seen. Remember what you thought the first time you saw “Avatar?” Yeah…multiply it by 10. “Star Wars?” Not even on the same scale. “Aliens?” Well…not exactly the same idea. This movie isn’t about aliens or spaceships or robots. This movie is about survival. In space. With very little air remaining in the tank. And it succeeds on EVERY level.

Sandra Bullock may have won an Oscar for “The Blind Side” but THIS movie is her crowning achievement. She is perfect for this role and her every movement and every decision is amplified by the predicament she is in. Clooney is his typical self, always bringing a little sarcasm and wit to a role that could have been thankless.

The real star here though is Mother Earth. Cuaron has done an amazing job taking NASA images and bringing them to life. Never has our planet looked so beautiful and every time there is a sunrise or sunset, you see every color. A lot has been said about the animation and tracking of the opening scene. It’s a 10 minute long single shot that sets up the disaster that takes place and it IS worth the price of admission. But there are a few more instances in this film where Cuaron shines and I won’t give it away but…let’s just say it’s all brilliant!

As you can imagine, I HIGHLY recommend seeing “Gravity.” It is every worth seeing in IMAX 3D and should be seen as soon as possible. As for all the Oscar talk? Well yeah…it is all very deserved.

Overall Rating: A+


One thought on “Gravity

  1. Spot on, cousin. But it left me feeling very , very tense. I would have liked to see more of a gradual ending to bring us back down to Earth , if you will.

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