Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues


It’s the return of everyone’s favorite news team…but this time…they’re taking over America! And leading our rowdy band of misfits is the man who puts class in classless…Ron Burgundy (Will Farrell). This film picks up a little after the original left off. Ron, Brian Fantana, Champ Kind & Brick Tamland are recruited to be a part of a start up 24 hour news organization based out of New York. They are one of many news teams that are hired to be on air and the San Diego news crew is given the coveted 2am slot.

What can I say about this movie and not give anything away? There’s action, romance, cross country adventure…even a baby shark! There’s so much packed into the 2 hours that is “Anchorman 2” that it’s hard to capsulate all of the various plot points. That being said, I CAN tell you that there is much hilarity and so much ridiculousness that it would be a disservice to mention even a single one of them. Okay….maybe one.

Brick is dead.

But THAT is the only plot line that I am gonna give you.

Oh…and Jack Lime is played by James Marsden. But THAT you can find on IMDB.

Anyway…this film is, by all accounts, a return to everything you liked about the first film. There is a storyline that can be followed here and it involves….

NO…I WON’T tell you!

The thing about A2 is that it’s BETTER than A1 and much smoother than ketchup. Oh…and the 2nd act letdown that happens in A1 doesn’t really happen in this one. It’s 2 hours of fun and, despite a couple of slow spots, it’s worthy of your time and laughs.

Overall Rating: B+


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