A Blog Site Of Brotherly Cinematic Love

IMG_1468A few years ago, my younger brother had an idea: we both love movies…why don’t we start our own blog site where we can write reviews? It will be fun!

Well…of course it will be! Aaaaaaaand then he disappeared to never be seen or heard from on these pages ever again. But I decided that I would continue the charge and write my thoughts on movies and any other thing I might find interesting about the movie industry. I can’t say I have any insider knowledge or that I even care to know insider knowledge. What I CAN say is that I love movies and I’ve been watching them since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. Obviously I was never that small but maybe THAT could make a decent movie someday? Aaaaaaanyway…there are some rules to enter this little movie blog site…

  1. All cell phones must be set to the vibrate position. Where you choose to put them is up to you.
  2. No whining and crying is allowed. If you feel like doing either, go see our other sites located here and here
  3. Please place all litter in trash cans located near the exits. We’re trying to keep the clutter to a minimum. Hired help ain’t cheap these days.
  4. And finally…Mom will be coming by often. Try to keep profanity in check if ya can.

Other than that, have fun and enjoy the movies!

-Alan & Frank


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